Monday, 15 April 2013

What would you do?

So you probably have gathered my sewing mojo has returned along with the spring weather. I'm already thinking about what making I want to do for the Retreat.

Ages ago I bought the Amy Butler Weekender pattern.

I may need a weekend away just for reading the pattern... 

I got all excited about cutting out the pieces from duck cloth and my plans to do the QAYG method.  Not to mention my plans to blog the whole process. (I only got as far as Episode 1)  I started the QAYG and completely fell out of love with the whole process.  Recently I've been thinking about whether I should finish this or not and with the FQ Retreat on the horizon it seems like a good a time as any to resurrect it or not.  I had a panic that I may have forgotten to add a layer of wadding between the QAYG and the duck cloth. It turns out I had added the wadding - I just couldn't remember doing it.

But I'm not 100% sold on finishing the bag and here's why:

1) I'm more of a case on wheels kind of girl. (And no I'm not going to make a roller weekend suitcase so don't even go there!) Do I really want/need a Weekender Bag?

1) Can I face doing the QAYG on the rest of the bag pieces?

2) Would it be wasteful to abandon the project given the cut up duck cloth and purchase of the pattern?

3) Should I may be not bother with QAYG and just use some Home Decor Weight Fabric to make the bag outer?  I have checked my stash and apart from some peach home decor weight fabric my sister in law gave me about 20 years ago, I only have this fabric I bought in a destash.

DS goodness
I've used some of the pin dot fabric but the rest of the DS fabrics in front are yard cuts.

So what would you do in my position? 

This also brings me on to other essential FQ Retreat sewing. I think I really need to make myself a tote. You know in honour of the retreat and only using fabrics from my stash. But I just can't decide on a pattern/design. I want something roomy and secure enough to see me round London - including any excursions (for that read trips to any fabric shops that may come up.) Any suggestions because now my mojo is back I'm itching to get stitching!


  1. To be honest, it's sounds like while you have your mojo back you should do projects that are FUN for you, rather than a chore and I'm sensing that you are not currently totally in love with the idea of the weekender and are looking for an alternative to the QAYG as a means of just not giving up on it.

    In my honest opinion if you would rather have a bag on wheels for FQR then leave the weekender aside until you feel like doing it for some other (perhaps Parisienne) trip in the future.

    Instead have some fun finding yourself a fab tote to make instead - you know, one that holds your newly acquire fabric purchases before you offload them into that wheeled suitcase!! I made some totes last week and blogged the tutorial sources if you're interested (7 Apr). Some of them could be made a wee bit sturdier with a bit of wadding to see you through the capital city. Happy deciding - sorry if I've been too frank!

  2. I was going to totally say what Sarah said but she said it so beautifully I won't bother! But what she said. *g*

  3. What Lynz said! :o)

    Oh, and I'd make a mosaic of totes from Flickr, etc. and go from there...

  4. What Sarah, Lynz and Helen said :)

    But I'd save that lovely DS home Dec because it would make a gorgeous weekender bag!

  5. Yeah - what Sarah said - there's still 3 months until the retreat so sew some fun stuff!

  6. If you hate making something then don't make it. This is supposed to be fun. Go and make your tote!

  7. Well I know that we have emailed about this dilemma but the girls are right - sewing should be a pleasure and fun. Di x

  8. Make a tote (or 2), put the Weekender on your Q4 FAL list and take your time with it.

    I would make a large Sidekick tote, and probably will - the small one is a great size, but the large one would be perfect for shopping!! xxx

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  10. I totally get the weekender bag dilemma - I am meant to be starting to make one this weekend at the east midlands quilting guild meeting. Have I got a zip? have I even started my QAYG panels? Have I completely decided on my fabrics..... all NO. So it's not looking good at the moment...... now, on the other hand, I love making tote bags..... so much quicker, and tonnes of fun... hint hint! x

  11. Well, while I'd like the challenge of a bag this shape, I'm not really the kind of girl that carries these sorts of bags either, though as yet creating what I would use is eluding me too!

    Put it aside and dive into something fun, and if you still don't love it come December, then you have a great SMS Giveaway prize :oD

  12. The weekender is certainly labour intensive - prob not a project worth doing unless you really, really want the finished bag. My slouch bag is a great bag to travel and shop with, cos you have your hands free to shop and it is roomy too! Jxo

  13. If you do decide to give up I will buy your duck pieces off you, we're making a Weekender bag this weekend in the East Midlands MQG.

  14. i agree with susan don't make it if u hate the process so glad your mojo has returned!

  15. i agree with susan don't make it if u hate the process so glad your mojo has returned!


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