Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Very Rambling Random Saturday Post

If you read Hadley or Katy's blogs you will know they do the whole Random Thursday thing and do it pretty well too. I have decided to be random in my post today too. In fact as I'm doing it on a Saturday, not a Thursday, I am already being random!

I have had a really random kind of day. It comes of having a long weekend with no definite plans. A few friends seem to get quieter than ever so with my being ill the last week and no Chief I have nothing arranged. So the possibilities were endless. I could sew, I could bake, I could garden, I could even do more decluttering and cleaning or maybe just go out somewhere, but the only thing I actually managed to achieve today was to get two loads of washing done and have a very long natter to a neighbour.

It all started off with my deciding to sew as it was too cold to garden. I thought I'd try to piece a backing for my Stingy Bee quilt and wait for it to warm up outside. I soon discovered I was never going to be able to piece a back and then line up the top sufficiently to not make it look like a dogs breakfast. Well not from what I have in my stash.  I pulled out solid and patterned fabric. Looked at it one way, then another and decided I need to invest in some of that extra wide backing. My quilt top is coming up at 5ft x 6ft that even rules out Ikea prints as they are just under 5ft wide.

So I folded the quilt top up and decided to pull out some supply boxes and get cracking with some sample swap item making for the FQ Retreat sample swap.

Some essential ingredients for sample swap item 1

I have opted to make two small items. I didn't want to make just one item and find that I'm in a group with tote makers and cushion makers who look at a small item and think - OK, great. Thanks. That must have taken you all of 10 minutes and a few scraps! As when I signed up for my sample swap item most people had signed up for anything else I'd have opted to make I decided to think out of the box. The first item maybe small, but it is turning out to not be a ten minute make by any means. I managed to cut bits for four items and not one is finished!

WIP on sample swap

My brother then came up to cut the hedge and lawn.  As he was leaving we bumped into a neighbour and er spent the rest of the afternoon chattering. By which time there was no time left to contemplate planting up the containers or veg in the garden. Not worth going out anywhere either.

  in bloom
A random picture from my garden today

You maybe thinking this is just a normal day in the world of Isisjem and you might be right. So I'll up the randomness by telling you a few random facts.

Unless you are living on another planet you can't fail to have heard the shocking news of events in Woolwich.  (I could do twenty blog posts on that and related subjects, but best stay away from religion and politics.) Needless to say as I'm on the periphery of the forces community because of Chief, it seemed all the more upsetting.  Chief used to live in Woolwich and said you could see where he lived in the news coverage. Just last Sunday he told me that Woolwich was the first place in the UK that MacDonalds opened. Apparently in 1974.

A further random fact: Theresa May is the current Home Secretary. On news of the attack she called together the governments crisis committee. Theresa May went to the same school as me! Although she was long left and the school's name changed by the time I got there.

Royal Mail Letter 

 This week I had a letter from the Royal Mail. It informed me they'd found a label with my name and address on it but not the mail item it had been attached too.   They said if I could give them more information on what it had been attached to they could look for the item. I'm not sure given how I was the recipient of the item not the sender, how I would know what would be in the missing parcel! As it was I had an inkling. Nicky did me an extra bee block and said the parcel had returned to her when the label had come adrift meaning they sent the item to her address that was underneath the label. We love a bit of recycling in Bee a Brit Stingy.  Thankfully the block made it to me OK on the second sending attempt.

And finally and perhaps most randomly - I was reading my RSPB Birds of Great Britain and Europe the other day when I read the following about what Dunnocks eat:

"Feeding: Forages on ground, shuffling, crouched, often in or around bushes, close to cover; feeds on scraps beneath bird-tables and grated cheese under shrubberies."

Now I don't know about you but I have never in all my life either seen or put grated cheese under my shrubs.  I bet dunnocks round my way are gutted about this...

I hope your weekend is being less random or at least more productive!


  1. Ha ha, love the cheese fact! I did a lot of procrastinating today, but ended up with a flurry of making, so not too bad

  2. Ha, love that, 'We've found your label'... Also good to know about the cheese, should I ever gain any shrubbery

  3. Sounds like dunnocks like to picnic in sheltered spots - do you think it's just grated cheese they like under shrubs or would they also appreciate sausage rolls, ham sandwiches and a bottle of pop?!

  4. I'm thinking the knights who say 'nee' at the mention of shrubberies! Sad I know! - random watching if you like!

  5. The cheese fact is interesting- but I suspect you shouldn't put cheese out, as rats might be attracted, and it might damage hedgehogs?

    Though for the record- I have no shortage of dunnocks despite my stingy-ness with the cheese...

  6. Loving a bit of random, and a bit of Liberty xxx

  7. We put cheese on the bird table, but its not grated so maybe our dunnocks read the Collins guide and are not too fussy. I have a list of FQ retreat stuff for when I get home, looks like you've made a good start.

  8. Perhaps the birds eat their cheese under shrubberies so the other birds don't tease. Lol


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