Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Just when I think life is back on an even keel I get a lurgy. You know sore throat, hacking cough, generally feeling sorry for myself whilst trying to carry on with stuff like work. I mean have I not have enough illness these past six months?!

Chief did get down on Sunday. We agonised over whether he should come if I wasn't well, but we both wanted to see each other enough to not worry about germs. (He may live to regret that one, I hope not!) We didn't do much. He got a take away for our lunch as I didn't feel like eating much or even going out to get something. We then went for a little walk with our cameras through my old school.  I wanted to show him where I went to school and was sure there would be some wildlife to keep him entertained. I wasn't wrong. There was a Canada goose on her nest, a heron and so many more birds singing that we couldn't identify.

One curious spot was this bird by the edge of the moat. At first we thought it was probably a Chiffchaff. Not particularly timid and not singing so that hasn't helped with identification. Some in the bird world have got quite excited that we may have spotted something a bit unusual, no definitive identification from them yet.

Mystery bird - is it a chiffchaff?

Chief also bought me a bird bath.  

Bird Bath

I haven't spotted any birds having a swim yet but hopefully soon.

I also promised to share with you some pics of the fabric I fell off the waggon for. Actually I'm feeling more virtuous now as I only bought a total of 4 fat quarters. Three of them are here: (One I've forgotten to take a picture of; it has feathers on it and was from a different range.)

Birdie Treats

Frustratingly I haven't been doing any sewing. I feel so worn out when I get home from work I'd only mess up any sewing. I also am conscious I have to go to a funeral straight from work tomorrow so need to try and conserve some energy for that. 

If you're reading this Sarah - there is still time for me to do your bee block and get it to you before the end of the month!


  1. Bird lady indeed! Great bath from -the chief!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon Jan - LOVE the bird bath!!

  3. Oh, pet, that sucks. :( But great birdbath!!

  4. You are definitely a bird lady in both nature and fabric! Di x

  5. I am reading, but you must take care of yourself first and never worry about my block. In the scheme of things it's really not important. Please don't even think about it, just get yourself well again.

  6. Ugh, feel better soon, and hope you get some feathered bathers soon!

  7. The little bird must be someone special....he has on a bracelet.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Hope the funeral wasn't too draining. Take it easy; glad you got some Chief time xxx

  9. pink legs on the mystery bird too, I do hope you find out what it is.
    Feel better soon- thinking of you.

  10. Look at the willow warbler, as a possible?

  11. Love the bird bath! Feel better soon x


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