Saturday, 4 May 2013

Devious Minds, Sprouts and a Quilt Top

You have to love a long weekend. Especially if you're fortunate enough to not have to work and you have the promise of good weather! A long weekend means a Loooooong post.

For me the long weekend started yesterday lunch time.  I grabbed a pillow took it to the bench and chilled out with a book. When I say chilled out with a book what I pretty much mean is I read a bit then used it to shade my face from the sun, as I reclined and had a nan nap...

In the evening there was an event on in our village hall put on in conjunction with Good Night Out which provides entertainment for local communities by subsidising a range of entertainments that you can put on in your local community hall.  This was the first time the village hall had tried this and they picked Devious Minds a magic show and turned it into a supper evening by providing a yummy two course meal.  Devious Minds were BRILLIANT!  Great fun for all age ranges and very professional.  There was lots of audience participation but at no time was anyone humiliated or picked on. It was just great entertainment. If you ever get a chance to see these guys you have to go.  The first part of the evening T J Shoesmith did a comedy magic show. Lots of laughs and oooh's as you think you know how something is done only to be completely baffled.  After the main course Dean Maudsley took to the stage and pretty much told the audience everything we were about to see was a con.  Only by the end of it there were just so many 'How did he do that moments' that you're sure he must be able to read your mind or manipulate it.

I have to say I've seen these types of shows on TV and am a bit cynical and always assumed that the audience participants are plants and primed to do certain things. Chief is also an amateur magician and having helped him with tricks I know the value of a good stooge... Having been picked last night to take part in one of the tricks I have to say I had no idea I was going to be picked or how the trick was done. I don't want to give much more away about the show because it would be wrong to spoil it for any potential viewers that stumble across this blog.

I also have no idea if I should be concerned that he said that people being picked were not being picked randomly; he'd chosen who he wanted to pick by watching them during the first part of the show. I just hope I wasn't sat at the table doing my 'Olive from On the Buses' faces or picking my nose...

Today I got on with some sewing. I've been feeling really pressured to get on with Bee Blocks before I do other sewing. Having heard Di is away and not going to be sewing her blocks this weekend I gave myself a little break from making her sprout blocks and got on with some of my own sewing.


I made these two in the week over about three nights. It took so long because of interruptions and my hurrying meaning I had to reach for the unpicker a few times. I have parts of the other two assembled but due to not being able to count I didn't cut enough parts. I hope Di likes these and before she panics about her blocks being in the mud I confess I did place them on my veg beds but I have used a safety net. 

Now all the Bee blocks from when I was Queen Bee in March have arrived I got on with sewing my own March blocks. Did I mention I'm behind with bee blocks?  I needed to make three blocks because I had an odd number of blocks sent to me as one person made just the one block. As I'm assembling the quilt in rows of 4 I was either going to have not make any blocks myself and jettison someones block or make three myself. This afternoon I got stuck in.  It wasn't without it's interruptions due to some visitors and the need to dance around the living room singing at the top of my voice to various cd's.  

My lovely assistant modelling the block. 

Block one. Some of you may recognise some of the fabrics that I used because you sent them to me. I've included some lovely Mendocino and the only bit of the Original Flea Market Fancy I have, as well as some great fabrics that make me think of summer when I look at them.


Again with the next two blocks you may recognise some scraps and again I've gone for fabrics that say summer to me. In the block below you can spot a camper van. I cut into my Spoonflower Heather Ross fabric because Chief has a little dream to get a camper van of some kind and go off travelling around the UK. When Erin sent her blocks she kindly me some left over part blocks and I used these. Fabric was too gorgeous not to!


So here it is Saturday night and I've just sewn the rest of the blocks into rows and added them to the quilt top work in progress. I have a quilt top people!!!! Better pictures tomorrow!



  1. Woo hoo for the quilt top, blocks, sunshine and magic (in a Paul Daniels voice) xxx

  2. Good for you for getting your quilt together. Are you hoping my sprout blocks will grow and multiply in the garden? Di x

  3. I am glad you had a great evening out! And lovely blocks as well!

  4. It is looking good! Glad you are enjoying the long weekend!

  5. I had a panic then, because I couldn't remember if I had made one or two!! Its going to be a great quilt

  6. Woohoo! Well done you! Can't wait to see it. Jxo

  7. Sounds like you had a fun night. Our quilt looks great - scrappy and very pretty. Well done on such a lot of work.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend so far!

  9. Devious Minds does sound like great fun! I love to watch magic shows - had a neighbor once who called himself a "Practical Practitioner of the Practice of Prestidigitation"! And I am QUITE happy NOT knowing how it's done - it is MAGIC!!!
    The Sprouts blocks look good in the garden. :)
    And your blocks/quilt top - smashing!! Good on ya!

  10. can't wait to see the quilt top! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  11. Good night out, napping in the sunshine and sewing time. Plus a completed quilt top. Life is good!!

  12. Gorgeous quilt top AND I love those sprouts - just beautiful!!

  13. Your sprouts are lovely and I can't wait to see your stingy quilt top!


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