Monday, 6 May 2013

May Day - The end of the long weekend

If you were in my part of the world today you'll have been treated to glorious weather so it was just as well I'd decided to follow Chief's suggestion of a no work bank holiday. The day actually started with some really sad news. A family friend, a lady Mum goes on trips with and holidays, died unexpectedly.  We don't know the details. It was a complete shock to us. Just yesterday, while gardening, I asked Mum if we'd be walking round with this lady when we got to the Malvern Spring Show. I'd even spotted the ideal item on Etsy to get for Mum to give this lady for Christmas. The sad news was another reason to do stuff today that took our minds of things.

First off we had an early morning (well it was before 9am on a bank holiday!) walk to see if the bluebells were out locally.  When Mum had been ill back in February she thought her days of field walking were going to be well and truly over. Suffice to say she was striding down the fields to a stream where she has fond memories of playing as a child.

At The Guggles

May Day
The bluebells are not quite at their best.

When we got home we had a cuppa (I may have broken Chief's no work rule and popped some washing on.) before heading off for lunch at a local pub. It was so nice to be able to sit outside and eat. Mum decided she was having pavlova for dessert. 

Lunch Out
It was massive. I said she'd never eat it but she did. 
Field walking obviously gave her an appetite.

It was whilst I was waiting for food to arrive in the pub I decided to have a review of some pics I'd not uploaded and was horrified to discover that one of the sprout blocks I made yesterday was wrong. How did I not notice that?

Final Two Sprouts
Can you spot the mistake?

I unpicked and resewed. The seam ripper was a close companion whilst doing these blocks. I don't know why. But at least they can be posted off now!

I was pretty stuffed after lunch so decided to see if the bench/book-on-face-to-shade-the-sun combo was still working for me.  It was. I really need to finish my book though as I haven't started the book group choice book and er book group is a week tomorrow. (Did I mention I have a busy weekend coming up too!)

I then got on with sewing up some parts for more blocks for the bee quilt. I took on board every ones advice and there were two main ideas. Either bite the bullet and make 6 more blocks or take off four and put them on the back. The trouble with the latter idea was I felt bad about sticking some ones block on the back. I just felt like a bit of a slight sticking some on the back. Like would the makers search out their own blocks in the finished quilt and think - Ok so were mine not good enough for the front then?  So last night in front of the TV I started cutting out the 3.5" squares I'd need for the main part of the block.  It was actually really fun going through my scrap box using up bits and pieces I'd wanted to use in a special project, but were only really big enough for something like this. Some of those scraps have little stories to them and others have been either won in give away's or sent by other bloggy/flickr friends.

Very kindly two of my bee members offered to make me an extra block so I only have to make four blocks. This is doable!  That said I think I really need to do a list of sewing to do for May:

(In no particular order)
Do four blocks Bee Quilt
Do the block for Miss May in HipBee's
Do two blocks for Miss May in Bee a Brit Stingy
Do the backing and as much else to get the bee quilt finished for Bee Quilt

And that's all the sewing goals I'm setting this month. I reckon if I try and set aside an hour a day this should be achievable.

I was going to do a long over due giveaway today. Only I hadn't realised until last night that today was SMS giveaway day. I was too late to sign up for that. So as everyone has probably got entering fatigue at the moment I'll leave the giveaway for a while longer.

I hope you all had great weekends too?!


  1. Its great to see that your mum is well again Jan. Glad to see you had such a lovely day. I basted my hip bee quilt today and started hand quilting, but not happy so the seam ripper will be helping me unpick that tomorrow

  2. Yes, a beautiful day here, too. And a busy one. Your bluebells are good, but, like everything else, I think a bit late this year.

    Lovely to have a 'no work' day!well done.

  3. Sorry for the not so great start to the day, but glad you had some quality outdoor time with your mum xxx

  4. Your mum looks like she has a spring in her step. It is good to have a sunny bank holiday. Di x

  5. crap start to the day, which is sad, but looks like you both got out there and enjoyed the rest.

  6. So sorry to hear about your mum's friend! Glad you were still able to get out and about and enjoy the day. Jxo

  7. It sounds like a lovely day.

  8. I've just got making fatigue right now, some holiday lol Glad you had fun though :o)

  9. sorry to hear about the sad news. I'm glad, though, that you enjoyed the sunshine with your mum.

  10. Good to see you had a lovely day, and you'll have to plan another day to see the bluebells when they are a bit further out...

  11. Sorry to hear the sad news - good to see you out and about with your lovely mum!

  12. It's so lovely to see your mam out and about but I'm sorry to hear that such a glorious day had such a sad start.

  13. Great news about your mum - I'm sure she feels better for sharing the day with you!

    Pavlova ! Yum!


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