Thursday, 16 May 2013


Today's plant purchases

Today after work I went and bought some plants. I had been really good lately, visiting garden centres, and not getting tempted at all. Then today I did. 

I have been tempted a lot this week, although I haven't got pictures of all the temptations. Either because I've been too lazy to take a picture or because the items have not arrived yet.  

Today in the post arrived a small alphabet stamp set. I'd been thinking about getting one of these for a while so I could stamp some quilt labels.  I am also signed up for the FQR badge swap and my partner has said they'd quite like their blog name and their first name on the badge if possible. Just my luck then to find that my partners blog name just happens to be 'Sew Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' isn't it?   Only joking I just made that up. But I'd still rather not be embroidering the whole of the blog title on a badge and make it legible! I've seen that some people have already started on their badges and I'm soooooo excited.  Not only will it soon be the retreat where I'll get to meet up with so many bloggy friends (Squeeeeeee!) but I'll get a name badge and if I'm really lucky a lanyard.

I also fell off the fabric waggon with a bit of a thud yesterday. I'd been really good for at least 5 months. Buying only the very smallest amount of fabric over that time. Then Nicky sent me some great 5" squares of bird fabric. For some reason she thinks of me as a bird lady - can't think why can you?! I really wanted to go and get some more of this fabric and to stop me from buying too much fabric I decided to track it down in the UK. (You just have to buy more in the US to make the postage worth it.) I'll post pics of the fabric when they arrive. I've been collecting bird and bird related fabric for a while because I'd like to do a birdie quilt. But having seen this gorgeous fabric I wondered if I could use some of my birdie stash to make an aeroplane bag. It will depend on if I have enough time and fabric...

So I went and bought the aeroplane bag pattern. I may need an overnight bag for the retreat after all. Whether I will manage to do the birdie themed bag remains to be seen. I may go for something more straight forward in the hope I can actually get it finished before the retreat! That more straightforward plan might mean ordering some more fabric...I know I'm a bad girl.

I also ordered the wadding for my bee quilt which when the last block arrives I can get sewing together! Exciting! (and some fabric may have fell into my basket at the same time.)

But that's enough temptation. Another friend has been to the Orla Kiely Sample Sale today. She's posted pictures on facebook and if I had gone I just know I'd have been more than tempted!


  1. what an excitingly busy day! The Aeroplane bag is so easy - it's basically put together like a giant zippy pouch with straps!

  2. I have made a start on my name badge. I made for Leanne last year, so her name wasn't too bad. I pity anyone that gets my name!!

  3. I might have had one of those falls off the fabric wagon too *ahem*

  4. Temptation often beckons me! Di x

  5. Sure falling off the wagon just gives you a reason to get back on it, right? Jxo

  6. Looks like you are well and truly back on the wagon Jan! The build up to FQR is great fun - I miss it *sob*

  7. Oh my I feel so guilty now! What have I done?

    Sure it will make a great bag though!

  8. I can't wait to see what caused the thud when you fell off the wagon! Lovely summer plants - I'm on a plant diet until my garden has had a huge overhaul...(not by me, I might add!)


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