Friday, 31 May 2013

The Quilting is Done!

Quilting Done!

Today has been a fabulous day in more ways than I can go into.  Not least becaues I finished quilting my bee quilt. I didn't do any quilting yesterday because I came home from work exhausted and headachy and was going out in the evening. I had a lovely meal out with an old school friend.  I got back on track today and in a couple of hours I'd finished the quilting. I LOVE this quilt. Quilting has given me the opportunity to admire every single scrap of fabric and my bee buddies did me proud.  

That said it was during the quilting of this beauty that I've done a lot of thinking as to whether I want to continue in these Bee's if they go on for a second cycle or whether or not I want to be in a Bee in the future. I have loved the challenge of making a variety of blocks either using my own stash or other peoples fabric treasures. I feel I've made some firm friends and I hope to meet many of these at the FQ retreat and a few others that can't make it I'm already plotting a way how I can get to meet them too.  

Life has not been easy for the six plus months. I know many out in blog land have been going through their own trials too.  It's often not at all appropriate to blog the gory details.  As a result I know my sewing mojo has suffered because I've felt under huge pressure at times to sew for other people before I contemplate sewing for myself. It's completely taken the fun out of sewing at times. I've been late some months and most bee members have been kind and understanding.  Often I've thought why the H*** did I sign up for this?!   It's all the more demoralising when you put yourself out to make blocks and then find they don't make the final grade when the quilt is assembled. For me not to have included someone else's block in my quilt it would have had to be seriously Sh** in the extreme. So how rubbish did I feel that someone else thought that about my blocks... So I still have not made up my mind. But at least if I am never in another Bee I will have this lovely wonderful quilt to remind me of the time I was.


  1. I am really sorry that the stress of the last few months has left you feeling like that. But I do understand, and at times I share the feeling. But doing the bee blocks has taken me right out of my comfort zone, and made me do things that it would never have occurred to me to do, before that. I think I will need to be more picky in some ways, but I have loved the bees I have been doing- I know you have too, it is just the stress! But you do have a beautiful quilt to show for it!

    And I am sure things will start to improve!

  2. It's been a tough few months for you J! But whatever decision you make for yourself it will be the right one! Jxo

  3. LOVE this quilt so much! So colorful and lovely!
    I stopped doing Bee's as well, I felt like I wasn't getting back the same quality I was sending out (or the right colors) and I hated the pressure. I realized I could just "challenge" myself once in w hile to try a new block pattern or use a different color scheme and be just as happy! Plus if you sit out for a while and it makes you sad you can always rejoin :-)

  4. Your quilt is beautiful.

    All of the things you speak of are why I am afraid to join any Bees. So, kudos to you for putting yourself out there. I am sure you've learned a lot of new stuff.

    Maybe it is time to just make for you, and the fun of it....

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! It's refreshing to hear someone speak so candidly about the flip-side of joining a sewing bee. It can be really wonderful when everything clicks, but sometimes it can really be draining when something isn't quite working. I agree that the prospect of sewing something you're not that interested in only to not have it omitted from the final quilt is pretty sucky.

  6. I think your quilting looks fab! Bees can be hard. I have struggled to keep up this year, with the busy-ness of my own life and I find it brings a big mental pressure when you know you're behind. I'm thinking of taking a break this year too, even though there are aspects to it I love

  7. bees can be too much sometimes - I know how you feel. I was in three, which was bonkers, but now just one (with you) and that's about right for me. I'm glad you love your quilt, and I am very very happy to see one of my blocks in that photo!

  8. Oh Jan! Your quilt is stunning, and will always make you smile.
    I am now committed to 3 Bees, 4 if you include Bee Blessed, they make me happy (ask me again this time next year!).

  9. Ah yes, I went through a period of that with my first 2 bees, but then I actually found 2 nice bees, and I found I didn't mind at all, so I think that must be the trick. Don't know how you find them though...

  10. I think all the things you join look like loads of fun. But a ton of work too. If I put in that much work I generally want to keep it!


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