Saturday, 18 May 2013


Today has not quite gone to plan. I had intended to do some major decluttering and sewing, plus make a cake. As it is I've done a tiny bit of sewing and a bit of decluttering and not made a cake. Plans changed when my brother turned up with a power washer to clean down the patios. They look fabulous already, but it did add an extra item into my scheduled itinerary. I don't want to over do things now as my throat feels a bit scratchy and I really don't need a sore throat/cold/flu on top of everything else at the moment!

But on to the give away.  I almost didn't do the draw today. I had decided I'd struggle to use Mr RNG because several people had commented and asked to not take part and another person had issues commenting on the post so had emailed me instead. The easiest thing was to dig out an old hat and write everyone's name on little slips of paper. Any writing you can see is not the names, just the text from where I cut up an old meeting agenda I was about to shred anyway!


I then got my lovely assistant to give them a good stir up


and then pull out a name.


So the winner is Liz of Dandelion Daydreams.  I  sort of regret now that I didn't do my bestest hand writing on the slips. 

I'm off to email Liz now. Thanks everyone for playing.


Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I read every single one and love hearing what you have to say. I do my best to reply to every comment. Although sometimes that's not possible. :-)

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