Sunday, 23 June 2013

A little catch up before I go and catch up!

The start of the week was pretty miserable and I didn't feel motivated to either sew or blog. Nothing too dramatic. Just there are people in my world right now that are determined to do what they can to suck the joy and positivity out of it. Unfortunately they are not people easy to jettison. So I have to just get on with things.  Things turned decidedly better from Friday onwards.

Friday straight from work my Friend Sal and I went off to visit silversilversilver at Bucks Art Weeks event at Haddenham. They were exhibiting at two venues during the fortnight and we just managed to squeeze in a trip to one of them. SilverSilverSilver is the talented due of Sarah Wood and Violeta Corzo. They make predominantly silver jewellery often with freshwater pearls and beads thrown in.  Their jewellery is stylish and affordable and I am ALWAYS tempted. In fact Friday I was quite restrained. I bought myself one new pendant (which I'll photograph for the next post) and two small silver/bead pendants for gifts. Sorry I can't show you those.  It was a fleeting visit so I just managed to squeeze in tea and cake and a trip to White Hart Studio for a birthday card before Sal dropped me home.

After a quick sit down and then a mad panic to shower and do a spot of housework, Chief arrived. He'd been intending to come down on Sunday but plans changed at the last minute when they decided they needed him to work Sunday not Friday night/Saturday.

Even though the weather was not great we had a quick meal at mine before going out for a drive. It was the longest day of the year and a shame not to get out and about in the light!

Saturday I discovered, after Chief had come back from the shop, the bread was mouldy and we'd need to go out for Breakfast, which we did on our way to Go Outdoors. Chief decided my coats are a bit shouty out bright for when we're in the countryside and he wanted to buy me a new coat.  A new 3-1 waterproof coat was soon purchased along with a couple of fleeces. So I was well and truly spoilt.

Aston Rowant Nature Reserve
The cut from Aston Rowant Nature Reserve - where the M40 is literally cut through the Chiltern Hills.

We then headed off to the Chilterns and Aston Rowant Nature Reserve which is lauded as great place to watch red kites (Only we've never found it to be so!) There were plenty of wildflowers out and even some tiny wild strawberries.

Aston Rowant Nature Reserve

I spotted this deer in the woodland part of our walk. At first I had to ask Chief if it was a model because it was so still and it looked like it might be a statue!
Aston Rowant Nature Reserve

Me looking windswept in my new coat from Chief.

Aston Rowant Nature Reserve

Our circular walk just got us back to the car as it started to rain.  We went on for lunch at a pub on the way to our usual circuit in between the villages of Ewelme and Chalgrove.  The duck and ducklings we'd spotted last trip were on the side of the road. Not the best place for a group of ducklings to sleep!

Ducklings resting on the verge

Mummy Duck is close by

Before too long Chief had to head home.  I still need to make my badge and have made next to no progress on my supertote bag. Therefore today I at least want to get on with something sewing wise. 


  1. It sounds like a nice time...even if it is not what you originally planned to do.

  2. Glad it all turned out nicely in the end - and new tods to boot!!
    PS.Your hair is looking lovely xxx

  3. Oooo sounds like lots of fun, shopping and walking and eating - great combinations x

  4. A lovely time and just think your bright coats might have scared away the deer and ducks ;)
    As for the other joyless people, karma!!

  5. Is it sad that I recognised that was the M40 even before you said so?


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