Thursday, 13 June 2013

Back to sewing

I survived the dentists. I don't really mind going. Apart from the cost (£110 for one filling! You don't want to be poor with tooth ache these days.)  I am just keeping everything crossed that I don't get complications as when I've had big fillings replaced before the nerves have died causing much pain and needing even more expensive treatment.

Today though I have actually had more than five minutes to myself and have started my next sewing project.
A supertote from the pattern by Anna aka Noodlehead.  I'd been pondering for sometime how I'd need a bag to sling everything in I want to take to the FQ Retreat for classes and I'm hoping that this bag will fit the bill a treat. I'm also thinking it might be a great bag for my summer holiday.  I don't have enough interfacing to make any kind of bag, so this afternoon I've concentrated on choosing and cutting out the pattern and fabric.


I can't believe how much time I've wasted spent deciding on what fabric to use.  I've decided in the end to use this Echo fabric I've had in my stash for a while.  I thought the blue and white fabric would be the perfect  for summer, especially if I end up with it at the beach. It's also neutral enough to go with most things I might be wearing at the time. 

So now I best go order that interfacing.  I think the elastic, zip and interfacing is all I need to complete this project.  Something I didn't tell you about last weekend is just before Chief left to came down I fell off the fabric waggon quite substantially and so I need a good excuse to use up plenty of fabric before it arrives. It could have been a lot worse a fall as some fabric I really wanted for ages I completely forgot to order until about three days later when it was too late.

If it turns out the supertote is not big enough for all my clobber I'll just have to make another bag too! 


  1. Awesome fabric choices! I am just gathering my supplies too and need the interfacing etc too!! We should have a photo op at retreat with all of the Super Totes!

  2. you can never have too many bags!

  3. It has clearly been dentist season, I went yesterday, too. But I didn't need any treatment, phew!

    And yes that super tote looks amazing! I love the fabrics you are using!

  4. I am sure it will be ample enough, but more bags is always an option!!!

  5. omg I love your fabric choices!!! I just ordered some canvas for my tote, but now I think I need to copy yours so you can have a twin at FQR lol

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  7. Holy crap, you need an NHS dentist - £13/filling...

    Still, bag fabric choices are fab!

  8. Ouch! Don't know where Katy goes but £16 is just a check up on NHS, with fillings (as many as you like) around the £45-55 mark, it went up recently so I'm not sure. Still a lot cheaper!


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