Sunday, 30 June 2013

Burnt Cakes and another weekend bites the dust

I had a dream nightmare the other night that I was at the FQ Retreat and just signing this huge visitors book with famous FQ people sat behind a table and Catherine stood next to me when my face contorted into an isisjem version of The Scream when I realised I'd turned up at the retreat with not a bit of stuff. No class info or materials, no toothbrush for the cleaning of toothy pegs on my over night stay and not even a clean pair or knickers.

It's fair to say I'm a tad stressed about getting everything done and sorted in time when it's only three weeks away.  I have not finished my super tote.  I have started project bags to throw stuff in for the classes. But I'm not in the least bit organised really.   I want to get organised so I can get on with the business of being excited about the retreat and not worry I'm the numpty that took a sewing machine along and forgot the power cord for it.

Getting organised is not easy when life keeps derailing my plans.  There has been a fun trip to the local PYO with my niece:
At the Pick Your Own
She takes finding the best strawberries very seriously!

Yesterday was our village fun day. I was down to make some cakes so Friday night I made two cakes and managed to burn both of them. I misread the bit in the recipe and thought it said they'd take 1.15 hours. Actually that was the whole time the recipe should take; the cooking time was 55 minutes. At 60 minutes they were burnt and there was no disguising that - certainly not taste wise.

I had to start again on Saturday am. I couldn't replicate the cakes as over ripe bananas were needed and I'd used them all. All the more frustrating was when I turned up at the Fun Day half the village had made cakes. They had more cakes than you can imagine and my cakes were added to a pile out of sight to replenish those sold on the front tables. Only half a cake was used so I'd spent all this time making cakes when I could really have not bothered and got on with my tote.  I was also down to do a stint on the refreshment tent selling said cakes, tea, pimms etc. It was only an hour slot but the time went really quickly as we were quite busy and it was fun.  I took hardly any photos and even missed seeing the firemen that turned up with a shiny fire engine. (And no before you ask I didn't burn the hot dogs or anything!)

Mum took this picture of me. So any retreat goers can work out who I am when they see me in a few weeks.

Holton Orchard Fun Day 2013

And sadly our family friend that I made this cushion for died on Thursday. We have another funeral to go to.  Mum says she can't believe that two of her closest friends have gone. It doesn't feel real.  This death was expected. But I'm not sure it's making it any easier.


  1. Please take solace in the fact that I know what classes I am in (but not when they are) other than that I have done nothing in preparation for retreat other than organise a lift with Emily and a bed at my brothers! I haven't even sorted your fabric and binding either - so sorry.
    I hope the funeral goes as well as it can - thinking of you.

  2. great photo of you. And cakes... well that is the way it goes. You would have felt dreadful, if you hadn't made them, and they had been short, so well, life...

    Our local PYO is not picking anything yet- I have never known the season so late! I trust those strawberries were delish!

  3. Ha ha, how funny that I was in your dream! I only discovered today that I'm not actually doing a class that I thought I was! I did order my PJ pattern today though randomly from Amazon.
    Sorry to hear of your friend

  4. I know the feeling of not being organized on time. still have three weeks, so why worry now? Time enough!

  5. I remember your cushion post, I am sure it will have broughtsome comfort to your mum's friend.
    Stay calm.

  6. BREATH.... slow down and all will be well x try a LIST to reduce the stress of missing items xx ... mind you dont loose the list! lol x

  7. Doesn't sound like you had the best weekend... Try to relax, the retreat should be fun, and if you are a bit less prepared than you would want, I'm sure the retreat is full of friendly people wanting to help you out :-)

  8. Sorry to hear about your family friend, but hope that you feel comforted by the fact that you made the cushion and she got to appreciate it for the final part of her life.

    And I won't comment once at the Retreat if I see you wearing the same clothes every day. Promise!

  9. Sorry to hear about your family friend. So sad.

  10. So sorry about your friend xxx

    Relax, Retreat is meant to be fun (so says the swan, kicking frantically under the water!!) xxx

  11. I was okay right up until the lack of knickers...

    Sorry to hear about your mum's friend


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