Thursday, 6 June 2013

For Miss (Bee a Brit Stingy) June

Being a good girl

Here we are only 6 days into June and I've made all my Bee blocks for the month! This sunny weather has seen me slip into a familiar pattern of coming home from work and spending time in the garden, often with a good book. Eating my dinner out in the garden and then as it starts to cool I come in and sew. I'd set myself the task of getting Miss June in the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee blocks done today.  

Scrappy trip block 1

It took me about an hour to do these. Largely because I had the strips already cut. Earlier in the year when everyone seemed to jump on the scrappy trip bandwagon I thought I might too. My sewing mojo was on it's holidays and the prospect of a pattern that was meant to be super quick and a great scrap buster was very appealing. However, I got as far as cutting some strips of fabric and printing out the instructions. 

Scrappy trip block 2

Collette asked for her scrappy trips to be bright and cheery with no black, brown or batiks.  I thought if I came unstuck anywhere with this block it would be the unpicking bit.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to do the first block with no issue. I must have got to cock sure thought because when I was unpicking block 2 I didn't lay it out, but laid the strips in piles and then got completely discombobulated and had to sew the last two strips back into a tube and unpick again in the right place! 

I did have fun making these blocks and I think they'd be super speedy if you have a cutting machine to do 2.5" strips or maybe a lot of left over part jelly rolls. There may be a scrappy trip in my future. 

In the mean time  I hope you like them Collette, I'm off to do your siggy block. I doubt I'll get any sewing in for the next few days as I have a full on weekend and start to next week. But more on that another time. 


  1. Love your fabric choices for these blocks.

  2. welll done .. you can go back in the garden now x

  3. fabulous! I did exactly the same and have strips cut already... just need to sew them now! I think I'll do it when the kids aren't about so I can concentrate :)

  4. These are great - enjoy the sunshine x

  5. Smarty pants being done already, I only got my fabric for mine today :oP

  6. Lovely bright and cheery blocks! Jxo


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