Sunday, 2 June 2013

Saying Goodbye to Flickr?

There will be no photo (on principle! Linked from Flickr as per usual) today and when you've read this post you'll understand why.

Ever since I discovered Flickr I absolutely loved it. There were a tonne of photo sharing websites I could have chosen and some are defunct now making me grateful I'd chosen a good one. Through Flickr I've been able to share pictures with friends around the world. Get inspired and generally connect...

It was also through flickr alone I discovered this wonderful quilty community. First tagging along to groups set up by American quilters and then watching the whole Brit Quilt Movement start up. I've joined swaps for fabric and made goods. I've joined Bee's that function through flickr. I do the photo a day project on flickr and link pictures uploaded there to my blog here.  I'd not be able to join in with the FQ retreat shenanigans if it wasn't for flickr.

Middle of last month you may have noticed flickr changed completely. Most of the features I do not like but accepted that things do change. Facebook regularly changes and we have our little moan and then get used to it until the next change when the cycle starts again.

However, I have discovered another potentially major and costly problem with the new flickr site.  Despite being a regular internet user I rarely download or upload much so have been happy to have a fixed internet allowance of 10GB a month - measly I know but it suits me...or it did.

On May 30th I was sent an advisory email by my ISP to say I'd used over 7GB of my 10GB allowance. I didn't know why it had gone up from the average under 6GB I use. The only thing I could think that could have happened was that one of the windows updates had been huge that month or it had something to do with the new flickr.

Yesterday I did a little experiment. I did two blogs posts, spent a bit of time on facebook, answered some emails, read a few blogs but spent most of my online time perusing flickr. This am I checked yesterday's Internet usage (easiest on the first day of the month when it's reset to zero.) I discovered in one day I'd used nearly 1GB! Yes one 1GB of my monthly 10GB download allowance and it's only the first day of the month.

I had uploaded precisely 0.07GB of data. The rest was download...seemingly from flickr.

I have message flickr support to ask them to highlight the problem although I do not hold my breath.

Now there will be some of you out there thinking why does she not just upgrade to an unlimited broadband package. And you're right I could. But I feel frustrated that I'm being forced to potentially spend more money just to continue using something I've used for years and used and enjoyed far more than I am at present.

I am writing this post because I know in this day and age many of you interact with the t'internet via your phones. Many people have fixed downloading deals and it's costly to go over.  But the chances are the new flickr will make you.  So please people go check!

In the mean time I am thinking long and hard about whether I switch to another photo sharing site and the implications of doing this. I love the social side of flickr and would miss it very much. But the time maybe coming when I say something I thought I never would: Goodbye to Flickr...


  1. That is absolutely bizarre, I would have thought you'd have to be saving stuff to your actual computer for that kind of build up to happen. I hope you get a reply soon.

  2. Wow. That is amazing.

    I'm not sure what I am going to do. I have a ton of photos stored there. I used to be more active in groups...but life gets in the way now.

  3. Yeah. I don't have issues with the limited broadband, but I hate the new redesign. I don't doubt that it will be a matter of time til they eliminate the groups and just make it photos with (maybe) comments. Now, at least, it being so SLOW makes sense. Blech.

  4. I hate the black background on the new Flickr! There are some bits I like (being able to comment on photos from the homepage rather than clicking through) but I could live without them if we could have the old Flickr back. I went to check my broadband deal and, as I thought, it's 'unlimited' (but they do slow you down when it's busy) - I used 8GB in May...I have no idea how much I usually use but I'll try to remember to look next month and see how it compares. I hope you don't have to say goodbye to Flickr.

  5. That is an aspect that would not occur to me. I suppose it is the supposed 'better quality' that is doing it?

    I was looking at something similar yesterday- just, not flickr. I cannot think what it was called, but it was very similar... Just been hunting for it, cannot find... ho hum!
    I will let you know if I track it down!

  6. ok, it seems it is called ipernity.
    I know nothing else about it! so it may be no better.


  7. I totaly agree with you .. why they feel it has to be changed when the vast majority are happy... and complain loudly about the cahanges.. I truely dont know or understand x

  8. bloody hell! My techie husband says it's the infinite scroll feature, because it preloads all the data. Scary!

  9. I hate the new flickr; I avoid that rubbish front page, and now rarely look at my own photostream, just head for the groups and discussions, which is a shame really.

    It is possibly the infinite loading of pictures that is affecting your downloads, you just never can reach the bottom of the page!! - maybe make your 'flickr' bookmark a specific discussion thread and then just link to groups etc from there to avoid all the download issues in the short-term. There are so many issues it'll take them months to get everything sorted, f they actually bother xxx

  10. I have been thinking of starting to use Flickr, but now I will wait and see how this issue evolves. I am on limited broadband but the main issue with those big downloads is, that they take so long. I even sometimes don't fully load some blog pages, because the pictures are of such high quality that they take a long time to load! I suppose I'll have to move to the city for better broadband options ;-)

  11. The new Flickr presents a major problem for me too. I live on a small South Pacific island and our Internet is terrible. Slow at the best of times. For example, I can never see a clear face on Skype. Now with the changes to Flickr it takes forever to load photos and is always crashing. I'd love to hear if you find a better alternative. It really is driving me nuts.

  12. Hate the new Flickr and have barely been on it in a couple of weeks because of the changes. It is amazing the backlash they are taking and ignoring!!


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