Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Weekend: Part 1

Blimey life has really got busy around here. I'm completely behind with blog reading and think I had a couple of days when I didn't make it online at all!!!

Chief got down on Friday night. Early enough that we had time to go and do stuff. He has a new camera and wanted to head to Otmoor - my local nature reserve - to 1)try out new camera 2) see Otmoor and at a different time of day.  The light was not great for photography, but it was lovely and peaceful wandering about and we had the place to ourselves. Well human wise. There were still plenty of birds and other wildlife to see like deer.

Otmoor June 2013

The next day I had a bit of a lie in while Chief sat in the garden in his portable hide. Which it turns out is really good for scaring the postman if you sit in said hide in front of the front door and when the postman comes up the path you stick your hand out to take the post and say a seemingly disembodied 'hello'.  

After bacon sarnies it was off to Harcourt Arboretum - but more about that another time as I've not sorted the photos. From there we headed out to somewhere we'd previously had really good red kite sightings. It just so happened it was in the car park of an antiques centre and restaurant and we stopped there for lunch in the garden. But again more on that when I've sorted the photos. Then we headed off for a bit of a country drive before going back to Otmoor. I think Chief would go to Otmoor every visit.  

Although I did see my first ever (I think) turtle dove:

Turtle Dove

And take some of my favourite ever Red Kite pics:

Red Kite
This isn't cropped it was this close above my head!

We were pretty exhausted after our trip to Otmoor and grabbed a take away on the way home and spent the rest of the evening chilling out - well actually Chief was doing stuff on my laptop and I was asleep under a quilt on the sofa.

Sunday we didn't have time to do much as I was out for lunch with friends and Chief had to go home. It was literally Chief out one door and me out a little while later! Off to The Bell at Aston Clinton and a get together with some fellow bookcrossing friends.

The Bell Aston Clinton
After lunch when we were getting ready to play the book swap game.

The Bell Aston Clinton
The Bell before we headed home

Monday was a full on day too as straight after work I went to a service to bury the ashes of the friend that died recently. Then it was back for a mini wake before eventually going home to prepare for a Parish Council Meeting in the evening. 


  1. your photos are always so beautiful Jan! Sounds like a busy but very fruitful weekend! xx

  2. Wow! I am so glad that you are well enough again to do all of that.

  3. You are busy! The deer photo is stunning.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend. Can we try that hide trick on the way to FQR? :oD

  5. Busy, but lots of good stuff. I like that!

  6. Glad you had some Chief time. Don't you go wearing yourself out!! xxx


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