Friday, 14 June 2013


Voile off cuts scarf

As I'm waiting for interfacing to come I thought I'd get on with a bit of stash busting making and so set about carving up some Anna Maria Horner flannel scraps I'd left over from making flannel and voile circle scarves. I soon had a nice pile of 2.5" squares and started sewing them together with the intention of making a bed pillow cover. I've taken to using one of these whilst out on the garden bench and when I'm not out there it's found it's way to my side of the sofa. The trouble is it had a peach pillow case on it (one of Mum's!) and tends to make the place look more sick room rather than cosy home.  The plan has stalled when I discovered that my flannel scraps go no where near to covering one side of the pillow. Not sure what to do now as there isn't enough to cover a normal sized cushion even if I did have one. I've got a nice bold piece of flannel for the back just not enough to do the front...

So having stalled on that front I turned to some pieces of left over voile from making the scarves. Within 10 minutes I'd sewn four pieces together and now have a light weight summer scarf.  I've got the feeling this summer will require lots of layers including scarves!


  1. Gorgeous. I love voile scarves. I don't think you can have too many. Hope you get to finish your pillow cover.

  2. Could you just do a flannel centre panel and regular cottons around? I have voile all cut for a summer scarf too - but today is actually a non-scarf day at last!

  3. adore adore adore!! Gorgeous voile and such stunning colours!

  4. Love love love voile scarves!!

  5. You'll just have to buy more flannel now - tee hee


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