Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time I had a very over grown garden.


One day a Prince who just happened to be my brother offered to clear it all whilst I went on holiday with the Old Queen and the Prince's young daughter.  He said he wouldn't be able to save any plants, but I really really wanted him to save an old rose that is just sticking up behind the pile of bricks you can see towards the top left middle of the picture.  I couldn't replace this rose because it was older than me and I hadn't been able to successfully identify it. But the rose was quite magic. It had the prettiest pink flowers in various shades of pink. Yes, different tones of pink all on one bush and it smelled so heavenly. 

The Prince said he would do his best and then sent me this picture of the works he'd done to clear the garden.

An almost blank canvas

The lovely rose was gone! I estimated it should have been 10 paces from the black compost bin.  There was no trace. No stump. Nothing. I got on with designing my new garden layout.  


A new wall was built, A round patio circle was laid, grass was laid and two rows of slabs were put at the end of the drive to extend it. I could now park at the back of my drive and get stuff out of the boot without standing in mud!

New Lawn preparation

The works took a couple of years and sometimes I thought of the rose I'd lost.  I looked online in vain to try and identify it with the hopes I could replace it.

New lawn!

A large patio was laid and a summer house erected.  I planted lots of cottage flowers and shrubs and of course lovely roses. 


Then last year about a foot to the side of where you can see that stick in the above picture green shoots started pushing up through the soil. This area had been left to self seed. It was near to a water butt and compost bin.  Poppies and chamomile nestled under the dappled shade of a small Victoria Plum Tree I'd planted there.  The pile of green shoots looked like a rose. I assumed a dog rose had seeded itself and was pushing up through the ground.  But I had a little seed of hope that it could be my lost rose. There had been no trace of a stump. The ground had been weed killer-ed, dug up for the drive paving and all sorts. The chances of a very old rose surviving that were remote. But it's nice to dream.  The shoots grew and grew and grew. The Old Queen said they hit her when she went to get in the car but I refused to have them cut down. 

This year I noticed the shoots were covered in tight rose buds.  And when they flowered...

July in my Garden

...there were different shades of pink on the one bush and they smelled so heavenly.  

July in my Garden

And the moral of this tale? Don't give up when it seems that life throws everything bad at you it possibly can. Be determined. Have faith. Believe.  At the end of all the hardship there will be something quite magical.  

The End

Or is it just the beginning?


  1. Love your fairy tale! And it's true, you should never give up! A few years ago I went for a year to America and nobody tended my garden. Just before I came back my daughter got someone to cut down all the weeds. I was surprised at the amount of plants that survived! Especially because they didn't get any water during the summer, and that in Greece!!!

  2. awwwwwwww! Lovely story (and metaphor)

  3. I love gardening and I have to say your garden is stunning. I have no idea on the rose. I'm tempted to say Versicolour (because of the one rose on the left) but the rose on the right doesn't fit the description. Either way, you have a lovely garden.

  4. Well, my princess, I am keeping everything crossed that you slay your dragons, find the treasure and receive the happily ever after you deserve.

    P.S. Beautiful garden - will we ever get a virtual tour?

  5. Definitely a garden fit for a princess and queen! Looks great x

  6. I can't believe it came back after all that time and weed killer - no wonder it's survived so long! It's beautiful!

  7. Oh I love your happy ever after.

  8. What a stunning garden and how splendid that the rose returned, I can only dream of a garden looking anything like that!

  9. Oh wise one - but I bet the Old Queen has given you a clip round the ear for your cheek!!

  10. oh, how wonderful, that your rose survived! And it's reapearance after all that time, super!

  11. It is a beautiful rose and your garden is stunning. Thank you for the story.

  12. Sometimes you just can't keep a good thing down. Fair thee well for the weekend, Princess J.

  13. A garden fit for a princess and the Old Queen, though I think Hadders might be right about her ;o)

  14. Fantastic.
    Definitely the beginning.

  15. Your garden is lovely, both old and new. I wish you lived down the road so you could come over and help me design mine.

  16. You have a fabulous garden Jan


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