Tuesday, 23 July 2013

FQR13: Part 1 Thursday and Friday

This is probably going to be a long, rambling photo heavy post. Look away now if you want!

The FQR weekend for me started on Thursday when Katy my roomy for the Retreat came to stay.  She turned up needing to bake cookies as her Mum had stolen the ones she'd made to take along to the Retreat. I tell you putting the fan oven on in my tiny kitchen in the heat of Thursday nearly cooked me, but how could I refuse when she said I could lick one of the bowls out?

365-199 20 July 2013
A batch of white choc, cranberry and macadamia cookies

Friday we made good time into London. Dropped off our luggage and decided to head off for some shopping which deserves a post of it's own, along with other FQR swag. I got to meet my first 'new person' as Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting was there just at the right time for us all to go. Cindy had brought fabric for me I'd pre ordered and it was so cool to finally meet her.

The retreat reception was a little overwhelming. So many people, machines, suitcases bundled into one room with lots of excited chatter. It was a great time to meet bloggy friends in person and other people too.

Trudi completely delighted with Thrifty
Katy makes the most wonderful bears and here is a bear 
she made as it got handed over to a delighted Trudi

My first class was learning to make PJ pants. I've been nervous of dressmaking having made a skirt years ago which went really well, giving me the false impression you could just take a pattern and fabric and voilĂ  you'd have an item a clothing that fitted perfectly every time. After a lot of further attempts resulting in wasted fabric and effort I was nervous of attempting to make clothes.  Kerry was brilliant at restoring confidence. Explaining stuff that was often actually obvious, but I'd not thought of it by myself.  I didn't have any expectation of finishing an item in the time. Which was as well because somewhere in that class I hit a wall of fatigue and I wasn't the only one!

PJ Class at the end
I only took the photo at the end, as previously there were 
a lot of ladies in their knickers trying on pj bottoms!

It was also in this class as I sat at the back of the room looking at people in front of me it suddenly hit me that all my friends: The ones that up until then, only lived inside my computer, were actually there in the flesh. It was a little surreal and perfectly wonderful at the same time.

Show and tell was next. So much talent up on the terrace.  A chance to meet up with so many people who either follow my blog or I follow theirs or I know through flickr.  My camera was out the whole time there was just so much to see and I'm sure I still missed stuff. A little overwhelming. I can't believe some of the beautiful quilts being handed over for the charity Siblings Together. It was heart warming to know these children are going to be able to own such a special treasure.

Susan, Jo and Katy hurry to finish a Siblings Together Quilt
Susan, Jo and Katy bind a quilt super fast to hand it over to Siblings Together

Everyone admiring Susan's Brit Bee Birthday Present
Susan's Brit Bee buddies surprised her with the most fab birthday gift of a hand made quilt. Having met quite a few of the Brit Bee ladies this weekend I can doubly see why everyone wants into that Bee. They're all so lovely and friendly.

Some of my Fellow Bee a Brit Stingy with the quilt they helped me make
This is my first ever completed Bee Quilt made from blocks made by 
the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee. It's my new favourite quilt and I'm so glad I got to meet some of the Bee ladies and show them the quilt.

Sarah's Gorgeous Hip Bee's Quilt Top
Sarah's HipBee Quilt.
I am still to finish my hipbee quilt but I now have a plan for the lovely blocks I got.

Catherine's Hip Bee Quilt
Catherine's HipBee Quilt

What does this say?
I loved this quilt. All those pretty letters!

This was gorgeous!
I'd admired this quilt on Flickr. It's even more gorgeous in the flesh.

I took so many more pictures but I will leave you to find them on flickr and not bore you too much here.  

Friday night I'd been invited along to the dinner that Susan put together. It was noisy and fun with a great menu.  So nice to be included - thank you Susan.

Friday night dinner at The Med Kitchen
Nearly 40 attendees having dinner and fun at The Med Kitchen.

Tomorrow I am back to work. I've had a couple of day's leave booked off to recover from the inevitable fatigue. It may be some time before I'm back to normal though!


  1. ohhh, I wish I had seen your bee quilt! It looks lovely!

  2. Some beautiful quilts there! Rx

  3. am going to have stop reading about everyone's fab times at FQR...am turning too green! would have loved to have seen your quilt in person too!

  4. Great summary and thank you for those photos of Helen's quilt being finished and me receiving that present!

  5. I was back at work yesterday-what a rubbish feeling after such an amazing weekend

  6. What a lovely set of pictures, I had the best time at the retreat too.

  7. Great post Jan - loved seeing everyone and all the quilts :)

  8. There are loads of quilts there I didn't even spot! Lovely to see them all, thanks for posting. It was such a fab weekend, and I agree with you about the Brit Bee (of course!)

  9. Great pics! Your Bee quilt is really lovely and scrappy and looked great in the sunshine!

  10. Heh, I'm generous to a fault me, turn up, eat your out of flour and sugar, and roast you - still, it got you acclimatised for dinner the next night ;o)

  11. Lovely Recap. I am so glad you like my Letter quilt, ups, not mine anymore. It's my daughter's ;-)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. It was great to meet you!!! I LOVE your sidekick tote and admired it at retreat from afar. I still have to bind the bottom of my PJ bottoms despite staying in the classroom right until the bitter end trying desperately to finish them off. I agree that Friday dinner was great fun. I sat with the LMQG girls and had the best time.


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