Thursday, 25 July 2013

FQR13: Part 3 - The Swag Post!

Chief got down on Monday night and Tuesday I tried to show him my FQR swag. To say he was not interested was a bit of an understatement. He actually asked: "But what are you going to do with all this sh**". To which I pulled a face and thought I'd best share it all with you who can appreciate a spot of sewing related shopping!

When we arrived in London on Friday and had dumped our bags at the hotel we headed off to Shaukat for a spot of Liberty shopping. Now I was familiar with Shaukat already because I'd perused their website on many an occasion and if you want to buy Liberty and are happy choosing online, the website is a few pounds cheaper than the shop. Not often getting the treat of being in a real live bricks and mortar fabric shop I wasn't prepared for the gorgeousness I was presented with. I wandered around stroking bolts of the various Liberty substrates not knowing what to buy. The others commented I looked close to having a melt down from the shear loveliness of it all. Thankfully they sell oddments and off cuts and I could indulge my Liberty love by buying a few pieces.  As an added incentive I'm going to crack on with the PJ shorts from Kerry's class and when I've perfected the pattern with old sheets, I'll be treating myself to some lawn to make some for real.

When I stopped having a melt down at Shaukats I did buy some Liberty
And before you ask I do have plans for this ;-)

On arrival at Baden Powell House we were all given bulging goody bags. The Sponsors were incredibly generous. Not only was their practical things like mini charm packs, fat quarters of fabric, a spool of Aurifil floss and various other bits and pieces. There were also assorted vouchers including £5 off at Oakshott and 20% off at the Fat Quarter Shop. I may have used both vouchers at time of typing...

FQR goody bag
The green bag at the bottom was full of Pat Bravo Scraps. There was a lot in there!

Over the course of the day various people passed me envelopes of fabric I'd pre-ordered.  From Fluffy Sheep Quilting I got some fabric destined for bag making. I picked the Aurifil up from her at the Saturday night Quilt Market too.

Goodies from Fluffy Sheep Quilting

Then Mary and I had been arranging for me to get the vintage sheeting materials from her so that I can finish the vintage sheet quilt I started when there was a vintage sheet quilt swap.

Vintage Sheet stuff to finish my Vintage Sheet Quilt
Oh I love the purple sheet for the backing!

I still can't believe how restrained I was at Quilt Market. One fat quarter, a chacopen, and a fat 8th bundle of Oakshott. I can see me ending up wanting to use Oakshott a lot in the future. I already have ideas for this bundle.
Quilt Market Purchases

The other thing I bought at Quilt Market was one of Krista's camera straps. I just got back from dinner in time to bag one.  I'd seen these on Flickr and when she mentioned she could bring some if there was any interest I was all over it!

A PoppyPrint Camera Strap
Even Chief liked this. Before adding 'for a girl'. 
Result!! (he won't be trying to pinch it!)

So that is the swag post. I think I may have forgotten something but all the pictures are in my FQR 2013 flickr set.

I know what I've forgotten! How could I? Sample Swap.

Sample Swap Goodies!

Catherine made the cushion cover, Reene the lovely FQR 2013 hoop and MochaWildChild, the lovely mini quilt. Below is MochaWildChild with her Sample Swap Goodies.

Mocha Wild Child and her Sample Swap Goodies

So that was FQR13 for me. I'll be back with one more FQR13 post and then I'll shut up about it!


  1. Oh I didn't see the camera straps! That wasn't very supportive of Chief though I expect a lot of partners had similar responses. Mine was actually very positive when he saw how much I got for how little money I spent, he wasn't interested but at least he wasn't offensive!

  2. Ooh, the camera strap looks fab! I have envy. I'm loving seeing what other people got in the swaps too, as I only caught up with one or two to nosy in their swaps immediately afterwards.

  3. well I think your stuff looks wonderful.. so glad you had a good time x

  4. I love the Liberty bird fabric and "snap" on the camera strap, mine is in use already.

  5. Great haul, and didn't you do well in the swap!

  6. Personally, I'd have shown Chief where you'd stick the drawing pins... ;o)

  7. We went to Shaukat too. I was a bit over-phased and bought nothing in the end. Love the camera strap.

  8. Oh welcome to my life - men!! Lovely haul Jan :)

  9. Lol your hubby cracks me up- sounds a bit like mine!! Love that camera strap and I'm so thrilled that you like your mini!! Also, you can thank me for not stealing your Sidekick tote cause I was tempted! :)

  10. Lovely goodies - that purple sheet from Mary is amazing :-)


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