Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Not One But Two Good Mail Days

Good mail days have been a bit few and far between around here of late. So it was a lovely surprise to get home from a grotty Monday at work yesterday and find this was waiting for me:


Hadley made a stack of these to sell at the Fat Quarterly Retreat and I'd hoped to get one. Only one minute I was sat taking a picture of her being mobbed by keen fob wanting clients and the next minute she was empty handed. So I missed out. Being the lovely Hadley that she is she sent me one. Isn't it lovely?Completely the sort of colours I love. As well as a key fob I think this would make a great wrist strap for a pocket sized point and shoot camera as the wrist straps are rarely very substantial.

Post Retreat I may have been too exhausted to sew as much as I'd liked, but it didn't stop me plotting and when I saw an advert on facebook saying that Lush had been reprinted and The Fat Quarter Shop had some in, I toddled off to place an order. The Fat Quarter Shop had been a FQR sponsor and in our goody bags we had a 20% off voucher. It seemed like fate.  I placed an order and thought I'd have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive. Whilst letters come pretty quickly from the US parcels seem to take a bit more time. So it was a BIG surprise to get home from work today and find my order had arrived. Including the weekend I think it took five days!?

365-211 30 July 2013
Half Yards of Lush Reprint, Happy Go Lucky and some of the new Briar Rose by Heather Ross

Some Bonnie and Camille pre cuts, Winters Lane Charm Pack and a yard of HR fabric

Apart from the Lush which was a: Don't-want-to-miss-out-on-that-again purchase. I have plans for all the other fabrics. 

In addition I ordered some wadding after reading this post and that arrived today. Despite feeling like I maybe getting a cold or lurgy I may just manage to get my vintage sheet quilt basted!


  1. I bought the FQ bundle of Lush Uptown.... I'm having a bit of buyers remorse because I haven't got a whole lot of spare cash but I love it and I wasn't sewing the first time it came round!

  2. Ooh, I have been drooling over Lush, too. It was about when I first started quilting and I loved it then. Hope you like the batting (I've not gotten round to replying to emails on that blogpost yet!) coz it worked perfectly for me!

  3. :)
    I availed myself of the discount too - and have some pink HR strawberries heading my way too, along with way too much other stuff!

  4. I'm not sure where my code went to.....but this lot looks fabulous and so I might treat myself.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, I'd forgotten about that voucher! Nice purchases :D

  6. Love Hadley's happy mail. And I'd forgotten about the voucher-thanks for the reminder

  7. Lovely mail, ans so sweet of Hadley :)

  8. Wow, that was quick! Hope you get your sheets top layered soon!


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