Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I had a bit of a panic earlier when my brother mentioned how close it is to his family holiday in Cyprus as that is the same time as the retreat and I'm still no more organised than I was the other week when I blogged about this! This hot weather has drawn me outside, then Chief got down on Sunday and today I had a funeral.  I may be going radio silent until the retreat so I can er...get my stuff sorted. You know essentials like finishing my sample swap items, preparing for classes etc.

Everything's rosey

And as I don't like blogging without a picture here's one of a lovely rose that's just flowering in my garden.


  1. The rise is gorgeous.
    Stop stressing (says the person who stresses a lot...) just go and have a blast!

  2. Oh she is a pretty rose, love her!
    The retreat, and the swaps, are supposed to be fun. Not stress!

    Try to just chill about it! It'll happen.


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