Saturday, 27 July 2013

Vintage Sheet Redux

Do you remember this post, way back when? I'd been in the vintage sheet swap organised by vintage sheet aficionado Mary and had failed miserably at finding any vintage sheets in the charity shops around here. Luckily Helen came to my rescue and provided a sheet for me.  I had no idea how many fat quarters of sheeting I should expect or how lovely they'd be. Once they'd arrived I couldn't help but cut and start sewing.

Somewhere along the way I rang out of sheeting and despite Mary offering to help me out with a vintage sheet for backing. I just didn't get my act together sufficiently to work out the size my quilt was going to be. Then a while back I did get my act together and contacted Mary with a shopping list. Demanding Moi? Anyway, Mary was super helpful and said if she could she'd bring my order along to the Retreat.  Luckily for me she did as it's the first thing I've wanted to get on with finishing.

Vintage Sheet stuff to finish my Vintage Sheet Quilt
My order from Mary

I'd always had it mind that I'd have a summer quilt on my bed that I'd snuggle under when it was too hot for a duvet, but not quite hot enough to go sans covers. Since this heat wave has started I've been sleeping under the duvet cover, with a quilt nearby, just in case it gets colder in the mornings. This quilt should hopefully solve that problem.

  Vintage Sheet Quilt

I haven't enough batting to baste and get on with sewing the quilt. I have now ordered some, so hopefully before too long it'll be on my bed.  Because I couldn't get on with finishing this quilt top I set about turning some of the left over bits of sheeting into 2.5" squares.

2.5" squares cut from left over scraps

In next to no time at all I'd whipped up a cushion cover top. It's not easy to get the small pieces to line up as the sheeting's are a mixture of poly cotton and cotton in varying amounts so some tend to stretch and pull more than others. Once it's quilted I think I think it'll be perfect and I'm already thinking I'll have enough of the quilt backing sheet left over to make the cushion back.

Vintage Sheet Cushion WIP

Inspired to want to make your own vintage quilt goodies? Head on over to Mary's shop.

Looking for my Give Away for those that didn't attend FQR13 pop along here.


  1. It is going to be a very pretty finish. Mary finds the nicest vintage sheets. I have yet to stumble across one anywhere!

  2. oohh fabulous! The quilt looks great and love the little squares. I was in that swap and I see some of my sheet in there, how fun!! I haven't decided what to do with mine yet but I stroke them sometimes!!

  3. I don't know how Mary finds such fab sheets! I live a mile away from her and never find such gems in the local charity shops. Your quilt looks fab, it will be beautiful when it's finished

  4. By the way, comment above is me - my step dad was signed in on my computer! I've left a trail of blog comments under his google id...

  5. Ooh there's a couple I have in there. A little while ago I blogged about a shop I go to in London that sells tons of the stuff, but it was a bit far from the retreat. Check out The Shop (yeah that's the name) on Cheshire Street off Brick Lane near Spitalfields next time you go if you decide you need more :)

  6. Such pretty bits of fabric, I bet it's really soft too :D

  7. Just laughing at 'Roger's' comment - I was wondering who that was! Great work lady, have you decided how you're going to quilt it?

  8. Mary is a vintage sheet hunter extraordinaire, and it's looking great :o)

  9. i had never thought about a vintage sheet quilt until I saw a simple one made up. Now I am collecting sheets of my own. I can't wait to get started. (I am also collecting men's shirts to do a quilt with.)

  10. These sheets look great when all mixed up ... lovely backing and I'm embarassed to say that mine are still untouched in a pile!

  11. Looks brilliant - I really want to make a simple charm square quilt soon x


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