Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A list and a half

As part of my new approach to sewing I started writing a list. A list of everything I wanted to sew. Everything from those final bee blocks to, quilts to finish, new projects to start and advancing my dressmaking. Then I thought: Whoa there horsey, what are you doing?! After deciding I really needed to ease pressure in order to start sewing with real enjoyment and to make the most of precious and often limited time to sew, was it really sensible to be creating a 'to do' list to rival Schindler's List?! No, that's just plain crazy. Of course it's nice to have some goals and aims, but not so much they're ridiculously overwhelming and no mere mortal could ever hope of achieving them.

So I put the list to one side and thought what do I really want to achieve in August. Even if I do not complete another project. Which one would I like to see nailed? Easy my vintage sheet quilt.

Afternoon stitching

I keep chipping away at the quilting and of course if I can get the co-ordinated cushion made too, so much the better!

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  1. I'm a list writer, can't cope without one, but I agree that sometimes you just have to think one step ahead and work out which thing is number one on your list, and worry about the rest later!

  2. I am always writing lists, but never for sewing and I have no idea why!

  3. I'm a list maker, it stops all the ideas whirling round in my head and gives me some peace ;o)

  4. i cant even pack a bag without a list.... lol

  5. I keep my list brief if I can, as I find it depressing if it just grows and never shrinks!
    So, I have a 'must' list, and a 'want' list. So, bee obligations on 'must' and fun bits on 'want'
    Though, the must are usually fun too!

  6. I dry wiped off a good chunk of my list for the year from my whiteboard. But only after I'd copied everything onto notepad. Oh well...

    Good luck!

  7. I try to write lists but usually then just ignore them!

  8. I write lists too in the vain hope that will help me focus! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - but then I get to add to that list!

    Good for you - ease back on the pressure - you might actually enjoy you sewing then!

  9. You're very wise to decide to take the pressure off yourself. Enjoy what you can cope with and you picked a great project to focus on. I'm hopeless with lists, make them then forget where they are. Though I do leave myself notes all the time. You know 'don't forget...' They sometimes help :-) Xxx

  10. Well done! Love that purple and white!


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