Thursday, 1 August 2013

August Already?

It seems it's August already so it's time to link up with Fresh Sewing Day and a recap of July.
Not my most productive month. I think I was a bit FQR centric for a lot of the month and for most of July it was too scorching hot to want to sew. 
My creation

I came home from FQR with whole new ideas about where I want my sewing to go. I've already started to make small changes around the blog. Notice the new banner? Friends and regular readers have an inkling as to the horror of the last 8 months for me. I've had so much to deal with and at times and sewing has often stopped being a fun relaxing thing. Sewing is one of my hobbies that keeps me sane when the rest of life is pretty rubbish.  

I have been in two bee's and a lot of the time I've found it a huge pressure trying to find the time to sew each month to meet the deadlines. Even when I've thought I can fit something in right at the start of the month and get it out of the way, I've found that life has been relentless. 5 bereavements since January, my own health issues, my mothers health issues, job uncertainty for myself and  Chief are just some of the issues I've faced whilst trying to continue with normal life: work etc I spend my whole working life meeting deadlines, but no amount of time management skills can deal with multiple life crisis when they hit in one go. You have to prioritise. It'll come as no surprise to anyone reading this, that the ladies in my bee's have been lovely and supportive. (Well it is meant to be fun. Nobody should be taken out and shot because they say, chose supporting their partner as his father died from cancer, over getting a bee block out on time.)  But that doesn't mean I haven't felt guilty every time I've been late with a bee block.  For some months I've felt so guilty I didn't feel I could sew something for myself if it meant I wasn't working on a bee block for someone else.  

So I came back from the Retreat having made the decision that actually to continue with the bee's I'd be letting myself and everyone else down far more than if I just said: You know I have a complicated life and this unnecessary pressure needs to stop.  One thing those five bereavements have shown me is life is precious and priorities should be chosen with care. Life really is too short.

It feels good to be back in control again. After August I will have no bee commitments. I already have plans in a relaxed laid back kind of way. If life gets in the way and they get delayed or don't happen, I'll have nobody to answer to but myself. 

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  1. Gosh, it sounds like you've bad a rough year :( I have mixed feelings about bees. I'm in two. I love one and we've just started our second round. The other I won't be continuing with after this round. It should be fun :) I hope the rest of the year is easier :)

  2. Lovely banner! Those little bags are really cute too. I hope the rest of the year is happier and more relaxed for you :) xxx

  3. Looks to me that you have accomplished an awful lot given the circumstances! Hoping this next month you can relax and rest a bit. Nice blog!

  4. It sounds like you've had way,way too much all coming together. You are so right to say 'stop' to the bee stress. I need to do the same thing- Life is stressful enough without quilt-indiced stress on top. It was great to meet you at FQR! I hope our paths cross again!!

  5. Hope you get to do the sewing you want to do with no pressure Jan! Here's to a happier end to the year!

  6. Sounds like you've had a really hard time! Sometimes you just have to be kind to yourself and ease the pressure. Hope things will improve for you.

  7. I love the new banner! I hope that the rest of the year is a complete joy and you get plenty of sewing done, just for you!

  8. Glad you are looking forward to sewing without the pressure and I hope it spurs your creativity and let's you have more fun than this past year.

  9. You know you have been in my thoughts the whole time.

    I always do my 'commitment' sewing first in the month for paranoid fear that something will come along and spoil my plans, and get pretty anxious if I am not dome by the middle of the month.

    You have to do what makes you happy, that's the whole point.

    Be happy my friend xxx

  10. The only way is up! With chilled nail polish ;o)

  11. Being more in control is always a good plan. Your projects look lovely and I hope you are able to relax a bit now.

  12. Love the new banner. Am sorry you won't be in the bees, will miss you, but you definitely need to do what's right for you


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