Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Catch Up! (including give away winner!)

Well, here we are at another Friday (Yipeee!)


July in the HipBee's Tanya asked us to make blocks with trees in them. She asked that we make 12.5" blocks and make the tree fill as much of the block as possible, so that when the blocks are assembled into a quilt top for her daughter, they are bold and not lost amongst the solid background. As for the kind of tree we made - that was up to us.  Helpfully Tan supplied us with a gallery of trees that had caught her eye as well as links to various tree related tutorials. After ruling out raw edge applique, I settled on a spot of English Paper Piecing.  One of the fabrics Tan had sent me to play with was a bold design of hearts and birds. I wanted this fabric to really stand out in the block. I ruled out hexies as without fussy cutting  the fabric I might lose the effect and fussy cutting can be quite wasteful.  Whilst rummaging for some template paper I came across the ferris wheel I'd made for the blog hop last year. Laying it on the centre of the back ground square it was big and bold and the shape reminded me of when small children drawer trees. Often a bold trunk with a big circle on top. The central hexagon and squares that make up the block are large enough to really make the most of the fabric and create a nice sense of movement.  Well I think so anyway.

Did you read this post over at The Littlest Thistle yesterday?

Randomness around here!

Yes, I keep nail varnish in my fridge. For the last few months I've seldom found the time for stuff like painting my nails. So it's just as well I keep it in the fridge as it makes it last longer. Nail varnish tends to go gloopy once it's been opened and used a few times. You'll hear all kinds of tips about adding nail varnish remover to thin it, but I've always found it best to keep it in the fridge. Once it gets to the very bottom there is little you can do about the gloopiness, but until that point the fridge really does help. As for the icing sugar. I don't keep that in the fridge with the nail varnish, obviously. I mean I'm not that random. It's just, do you ever find yourself in the supermarket and decided to bake so gather up the ingredients you might need and may not have enough of at home? Well it seems I've underestimated how much icing sugar I can use. 

And on to the give away winner. The bag from Pat Bravo in the FQR goody bag came in very useful for drawing out names.


I got Mum to do the honours. Even though she had just been digging up spuds from the veg patch and was a bit perplexed that I was again asking her to randomly pick out something from a bag...


Right the lucky winner is Fran. Just off to email her now. If I don't hear back from Fran by after the weekend I drawer another name. 

There will be another give away coming up shortly as I was '3' recently and didn't get a give away organised! Now I have to go get organised because Chief is coming for the weekend. 


  1. Love your ferris tree! I think Tanya will have a great quilt for her daughter.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Congratulations to Fran!!!

  3. Damn, I might have had some of the lemon curd... ;o)

  4. Great tree for Tanya.
    Nail varnish in the fridge?? ( what is nail varnish? you mean folk's nails are not that colour naturally? )

  5. woops- that last one is not Beth! It is her mamma who didn't realise she is still logged in... ;-D Rachelx

  6. ooooo is this block really coming to me?? It's a stunner, thanks so much, I love it, and am getting very excited about how this quilt is going to look when it's all put together. Is it sad that I don't own any nail varnish?? x

  7. I'm glad you explained - I was slightly concerned about your snack choices ;-)

  8. The tree looks lovely.
    Like I said to Katy, if I kept my nail varnish in the fridge there would be no room for food - so I am going to try that diet after my holiday!
    Congrats Fran x

  9. Love your tree! My sister keeps nail varnish in the fridge too, and I have a few bags of soft brown sugar, icing sugar and 3 or 4 bags of plain flour in my cupboard, but annoyingly no self raising flour! And I never remember to buy more!


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