Friday, 16 August 2013

I HEART Liberty!

I've been pretty quiet this week. I must have burnt myself out with all that bag making last weekend, as I woke up in the early hours of Monday morning with stomach cramps, extreme nausea, a banging headache and er, a touch of the: "two bob bits". (Non Brits may have to think about that. It's rhyming slang. Need I say more?) It wrote off the next two days and left me feeling a tad sorry for myself and not at all feeling like sewing.

I had a nice surprise in the mail today which reminded me I had something else I hadn't gotten around to showing you for a while.  Liberty!

Liberty Stash!
Glenjade, Thorpe and Wiltshire

At the beginning of the month I added to my ever growing Liberty stash with some more Tana Lawn from Very Berry Fabrics.  Ali allows you to build a bundle at pocket money prices, saving a few pennies along the way. At the same time I ordered the above bundle she had a free pack of hexies and papers for EPPing with every order. The Hexie packs are new additions to her shop. So you can go grab your own here. They'd be perfect for a spot of travel sewing me thinks!

Liberty Stash!

Unfortunately the order got misplaced by the Royal Mail. (Insert sad face.) But Ali came to the rescue and today my goodies arrived.

Regular readers will know that I LOVE Liberty and often sneak it into little projects: Pouches, bags, pin cushions...Now my stash is growing. One day it will be a Liberty quilt. I'd start already only I really can't decide on what pattern to do. I just know special fabrics like that need a special design. And one I won't mess up. So nothing with HST's, which I've decided are my patch working nemesis.

Liberty Stash!
My Liberty Stash! I've been adding to this for some years.

Most of the above Liberty has come from: Shaukat when I went to the Retreat. Jo, Very Berry Fabrics, Liberty Oxford (Yes, there used to be regional Liberty stores.) and friends.

One of the first things I made post Retreat was this scarf. I've been waiting to get a decent picture of me modelling it. But at this rate I'll have worn it until it falls apart and you still won't have seen it!

Liberty Tana Lawn Infinity Scarf
Not sure the name of this fabric. Katy might know as she has some needle cord in this I think?

I was inspired after seeing FQR pictures last year and Fiona @ Poppy Makes turned some silk Liberty fabric into a travel set including an infinity scarf. I always thought I wanted to do the same with some Tana, only none of my pieces were large enough.  I picked this skinny remnant up at Shaukat and literally whizzed this up in a commercial break whilst watching something on TV.

I may have to make more. I regret being so restrained at Shaukat. Thank heavens they have a website. But of course I'm not that far from London really...


  1. Beautiful scarf and the pretty fabric makes up for the urm tummy trouble! Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I know I'd be tempted by shakaut again if I were as close as you ;-)

  3. I love that fabric, but I just call it my 'pretty Liberty needlecord that I'm too afraid to use' ;o)

  4. I missed out on going to Shaukat but have ordered from there! With you on the Liberty love! Always have, always will!

    Cute scarf - want to see you wearing it when you feel better!

  5. The only Liberty I have touched are the lovely pieces you sent me so many years ago for the hexie quilt I have yet to finish. I was drooling over some this evening. Wishing I had means to splurge on some for a dress for my granddaughter! ha ha THAT would be indulgent. I LOVE your scarf. Can't wait to see what you decide to do for your quilt.
    So sorry you were feeling low and icky.

  6. Loving the liberty and your scarf is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Marie (

  7. I have some scraps of Stile left over from my project for my grandma if you would like them?

  8. Hope you're feeling better, loving your stash!


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