Saturday, 31 August 2013

It's only 6 months late...

I was just trawling through my drafts posts on blogger and found this blog post half started. I really thought I'd posted it months ago. So with apologies to Janet for the delay here's a long over due post! (I was nominated in February - I hang my head in shame but life was not so great for me back then.)

The lovely Janet  has nominated me for a Liebster.

The rules (1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate
4. Choose 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and link them in your post.)
have been amended slightly to include the tagging questions that went about in another blog award not so long ago.

First off here are 11 random facts about myself:

1. I love to dance. Need I say more.

bionic woman meets the robot from Lost in Space
I look like the bionic woman here doing that slow motion running thing
but pictures of me dancing are always embarrassing or make me look
like one of the walking dead. I had blisters on my feet at the end of this night and 
the male receptionist smirked at me padding through reception in the wee hours carrying my shoes.

2. I have each of my ears pierced twice.
3. I learnt to fire eat and breathe just because I could.

I'm really a dragon

4. I do not like peas. 
5. I only let my Mum cook me eggs. Ok I'll eat them in a cake or quiche made by someone else but can't stomach fried, boiled, poached eggs etc made by anyone else. I feel queasy just at the thought.
6. I'm addicted to watching The Walking Dead. I want to look away but I can't stop watching. I say I will because I find it too upsetting and then find myself watching it on demand tv on the laptop when I miss it! Once when The Walking Dead was on Chief phoned. I was half listening to him and half watching the TV. A zombie grabbed someone unexpectedly in a deserted chemist. It really made me jump and I screamed so loud down the phone Chief thought I was being attacked. 
7. My father was fluent in about 7 languages.
8. I love my niece dearly but this is the reason I won't let her use curling irons on my hair again.
Bournemouth 21/08/2013 
9. I am a complete photo junkie. I love taking pictures and viewing other peoples. I'm now surprised it took me so long to get a DSLR
10. My favourite thing to do is go away for a long weekend. Or midweek mini break. 
11. I am not a good swimmer. I would love to have proper lessons. Mum taught me how to swim and she can't swim herself.

Now on to Janet's questions: 

1. Where were you born?  Do you still live there and like it?  If you don't live there would you want to live there again?

I was born in Oxfordshire England, Yes I still live there in the same house I grew up in. Which is, to some, a bit unusual to say the least. But it's how life worked out for me. 

2. How many pets have you had in your life time?  Do you have one now?
We had one dog when I was growing up called Griffy (technically he was my brothers dog.) I also had a black rabbit called Twitchy Jam Jar.  I guess I must have had umpteen goldfish won at fairs that never survived my over feeding and a few rescue birds over the years. I have no pets now but if my life was different I'd have a dog. 

3. What is the most unusual place you have visited?
I haven't travelled very much so I can't think of anywhere. Chief would be much better at answering this question. Although he can't always say all the places he's been so he may not tell the truth on that one either. 

4. Do you live in a castle, mansion, house, condo, apartment or tent - or a box on the street?
It may one day come to a box on the street. But at the moment it's a semi detached stone cottage.

5. What made you laugh out loud most recently?
Probably watching a rerun of something like: Only Fools and Horses or maybe something I read in a book. I laugh out loud a lot. At least once every day I'm sure.

6. Do you wear the colour purple?
Yes! Purple is my favourite clothing colour. I try to avoid buying too many purple clothes because other wise I could end up looking like Willy Wonka. 

7. Do you tell people how old you are or are you coy about your age?
I'm happy to tell people my age. What's the point of lying. Although for years my niece corrected and told everyone I was 32 and I never corrected her. She also thought I was a teenager. 

8. What is your pet name for your most loved one?
In blogland I call him Chief. Sometimes I forget and call him that to his face. But it's hardly a pet name as his boss and colleagues call him Chief (Well, the one's that don't call him sir!). I don't think I have a pet name for him and if I did and shared it on her I may well not live long enough to write another blog post ;-)

9. What is the most favourite thing you have ever made - quilting, knitting, sewing or some other needlecraft?
I always say my hexie quilt but that's getting a bit boring now. So how about the plus quilt I made for my Mum.

10. Do you do crossword puzzles or Sudoku?
I sometimes help my Mum with the crossword puzzle in the paper. Although help often means I fill the wrong word in and make a mess of it.  I'm not really a Sudoku kind of girl. I have a real passion for online scrabble and always have at least 10 games on the go on facebook!

11. How many times a year do you wear longjohns?  Do you know what longjohns are? :)
I have never in my life worn long johns. Nor will I. I don't like the idea of anything that's all in one that might make going for a pee in a hurry difficult. I do like the idea of thermal underwear though. Oh and you know how Hadley is not a fan of jeggings. Well I hate Onesies. It must be an age thing but why the F*** does a grown up want to wear a giant baby grow?

Now I find it hard to know how many followers people have these days so rather than nominate blogs I'm going to post 11 questions and if anyone wants to use them as the basis of a blog post go for it!

1. What's the last good book you read? (I'm always looking for recommendations!)
2. Who in your opinion is the best fictional detective ever and why?
3. I have a milestone birthday in January what's the best present you could give me? (it's ok you don't have to really!)
4. What's your favourite meal?
5. What scares you the most?
6. Do you have a nickname and if so what is it?
7. If your fabric stash was on fire what would you save first?
8. What craft/skill do you wish you possessed?
9. What would be your dream destination?
10. What would you like your obituary to say about you?
11. When was the last time you cried and why?


  1. It's a well known fact that no one ever looks good dancing - unless it's ballroom dancing!

  2. I don't dance, it saves the embarrassing photos ;o)

    As for the onesies, trust me, if you have a very cold, draughty flat, a fleece all in one thing that a draught can't get into is very appealing mid-winter in the snow!

  3. Thank you for sharing so much, I love that you can breath fire.

  4. now I know my egg quirk is not unusual - I only like eggs cooked by my hubby. Even when I cook eggs they make me feel queasy, but he does them just right!


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