Saturday, 10 August 2013

Squiffy Elephants and a Super Tote

In Bee a Brit Stingy Bee this month Nicky asked us for these blocks.  I agonised for ages over which fabrics to use for the cross bit and then which for the low volume bit. I think it's like when people open a wardrobe crammed full of clothes and then declare they have: nothing. to. wear.  First off I decided on these elephants from an early range by Laurie Wisbrun. But once I'd made the block I looked at it and thought it was wrong. I couldn't work out why I thought it was wrong...apart from maybe the elephants looked a bit squiffy. So I went on to make another block with some Lakehouse dry goods fabric as the focus and that didn't look squiffy so it must be the elephants. I then thought I'd go make another block just in case Nicky would rather accidentally, on purpose, knock the elephant block into the bin and not put it into her lovely quilt.

Bee Blocks for Nicky

Siggy block almost done
Siggy Block - reverse of the other blocks.
(Yes, I need to add details.)

With bee blocks done I decided I could get on with my Super Tote. (Well it was either that or continue to tear my hair out as to where a reward card I'll need next week has gone. I tell you I've looked in all the obvious places and a few not so obvious. I think I've put it away so safely that I've absolutely no chance of finding it.)

I had cut out the external fabric, fused interfacing and made the straps already. Then discarded the bag. I couldn't remember why I'd discarded it until I started making it. I hadn't got the right sized zip so I decided not to bother with the zip bit. The plan is to use this as a beach bag. The chances of me zipping it up are remote. With more foresight I may have added some magnetic snaps instead.


Having seen some of these at Fat Quarterly Retreat I knew they were roomier than I would normally go for. As it is I can fit loads of stuff inside easily. I'm glad I didn't skip the elasticated pockets. I almost did thinking I'd never use them.


And I can almost imagine it's on the beach already...

Finished Super Tote

...I know I wish I was!

I wish I'd eased up on the sewing pressure earlier. Look at how productive I'm being?! It's amazing how good it feels to just sew because. What have you been sewing this Saturday?


  1. I see what you mean about the elephants x I have some of thet fabric and it looks WRONG in everything I have used it in!! Loving the bag x

  2. Talk about squiffy elephants makes me think of Dumbo and Pink Elephants on Parade! We all know what happened after that!

    At the moment I seem to have a strong attachment for ellies so please send them Jan! They look lovely to me!

    Your bag looks fab! Keep up the casual sewing you are doing well! Maybe you could take it to the beach for an outing!?

  3. The ellies have obviously been at the marula tree ;o) Bag's looking great!

  4. Love your bag! I finished my aeroplane today and wondered if I'd enough bits left to squeeze a super tote out. Sadly not, I think, so yours is making me really jealous! Glad your sewing oomph is.....well.....oomphing. *g*

  5. Great blocks and I love the super tote

  6. Think it might be the contrast in the elephant block? Don't you just hate it when they don't work out the way you thought when you did the fabric pull!

  7. Loving that bag..... the blue fabric is gorgeous. I spent Saturday at the beach, then driving up the M5 for ever! x

  8. How long did it take you to make the Super Tote? I just started one for a swap I'm in and it's taken me for ever just to make the handles!

  9. Love your Super super tote - great fabric choice too xxx

  10. I really want to make a supertote! Yours looks gorgeous!

  11. Your blocks are pretty and your super tote is super!

  12. I love the squiffy elephants....and a super, super tote...mine is still in the carrier bag in bits!


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