Thursday, 8 August 2013

This week so far...

Ever since Clare over at Maybush Studio started a Brit Sewing Thursday Linky Party over on her blog I meant to join in. Only the first Thursday was as I was leaving for FQR13 and the next Thursday I'd come back and had nothing in progress to blog about. Last Thursday was Fresh Sewing Day so I didn't link up then either, but this week I do actually have stuff to share!

Nothing in the finish category. Of course in my head I'm working on a few things and if I concentrated on just one I might have actually got something finished to show you.

In Progress.
I've decided I'm long over due some cushion loveliness in my living room.  So with a plan for a first cushion I sat and cut up some of the Happy go lucky charm pack and added it to the mini charm pack. The fabric to the right will end up as cushion backing.  I'm going to go for a range of cushion designs, built up over time and predominantly using Bonnie and Camille fabrics along with fabrics from my stash. I'm going for a co-ordinated look rather than a full on matchy matchy.

No time scale on this project. I may just surprise you
 with a finished reveal one day.

I got my vintage sheet quilt quilted yesterday. Don't get all excited. By quilted I mean: I got to the end of it and then went back and unpicked the dodgey section and today or tomorrow I hope to sort out that frilly, short wadding nightmare bit. I am hoping nothing can be as worse as unpicking four rows of stitching.  Once the quilt is finished I can get the matching cushion finished up too. 

Cushion in progress

What I want to do next:
I'm still waiting on fabric for August in the HipBee's so I can't get on with those blocks.   As Bee a Brit Stingy is a stash bee I hope to get on with Nicky's blocks.  I'd have done them before now, only I was too lazy to take the walking foot on and off my machine between doing lines on my vintage sheet quilt.  If by some crazy reason I get that done and still have sewing time then I'd like to finish off my super tote. I have a holiday coming up and the navy fabric would co-ordinate a treat with my holiday wardrobe.

Super Tote so far.

And finally...
Imagine my surprise when last week Jo mentioned that a mini quilt I'd sent Fiona in the first round of Brit Quilt Swap is in the Scottish Modern Quilt Exhibition. Yes, my little old quilt in a proper modern quilting exhibition. You can read about the process behind the quilt here and here. It put a smile on my face. I mean there are some seriously wonderful quilts in the exhibition...and mine too!


  1. You're on a roll!! Okay, I am in love with your super tote fabrics, so if you need to make a practice one before making a final -perfect-vacation-wardrobe version then I'd be happy to take it off your hands, heh heh. Also, can't wait to see your pillows- I'm thinking of something like that too in my family room :)

  2. The question is, does your mum shared Di's Gordon's feeling about cushions? ;o)

    I use my walking foot for everything. Can you say lazy? ;o)

  3. Visiting from Brit sewing. Love the fabrics you've chosen for the Noddlehead project.

  4. How exciting to have your little mini at the quilt show. Congratulations darl.

  5. How cool you are in a show! That is a sweet little quilt, I think it's awesome!


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