Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Vintage Sheet Quilt Show Off Time

In August I set myself one goal and one goal only: To finish the vintage sheet quilt I started at the beginning of the year and if I managed to finish the matching cushion to go with it that would be a bonus.  Once I had the materials I needed to complete it from Mary I was good to go.

Vintage Sheet Quilt 

As an added incentive I linked up to A Year of Lovely Finishes for August over on Fibre of All Sorts Blog. You can read my original post here.

So now it's time to link up again and do my big reveal. This of course meant taking some, at least half decent, pictures.  Not easy with big quilts when it's windy and my fence is not really up to the job. If I'd waited until I could take it on a proper location shoot I'd probably be revealing this when this blog is vintage!

Vintage Sheet Quilt

If you've been following the progress of this quilt you'll remember that
I got the majority of the vintage sheets from the UK & Ireland vintage sheet swap over on flickr.
If you're in the UK or Ireland and interested in a vintage sheet swap then do check out the group as if there is enough interest there will be another swap later in the year.

Vintage Sheet Quilt

Vintage sheets can be hard to source.  Boot sales and Charity shops are probably your best bets. Unless you're lucky enough to come across a relative that has an airing cupboard stashed full with them.
I failed miserably to find a vintage sheet so was very grateful when Helen came to my rescue.

I had no idea what a lovely stash of fat quarters I'd get through the swap.

Vintage Treasure
It has kind of made me vintage sheet addicted.
How do you know if you're vintage sheet addiction? Here's five ways to tell for sure:

1) You watch Get Carter for the first time and when Brit Ekland has phone sex with Michael Caine you spend most of the time wondering if you could find the bedding Brits lying on at a boot sale and plan what you'd do with it.

2) You see a family member is decorating and you grab the vintage sheeting they're using as dust sheets and steal it even if it does mean their wood flooring and carpets gets covered in paint.

3) or you have a nervous breakdown because having found said bedding being used as dust sheets you also discover it's covered in paint splatters from years of other decorating projects.

4) You brave the box of linens at the local charity shop even though it smells like a pensioners sofa and some of the 'linen's in there are covered in stuff you really don't want to handle without gloves, a SARS mask and a hazmat suit.

5) You go to stay with an elderly relative and note that she has vintage sheets in her airing cupboard - which of course you looked in - having spotted vintage linens on your bed. You stuff a few in your super tote because she's bound not to miss them. Then you wonder if she'd notice if you cut up the sheets on your bed...you can always buy her some cheap replacements from Ikea or Primark anyway.

Vintage Sheet Quilt

The beautiful purple sheet for the backing, along with the classic stripy binding, was supplied by Mary.
Mary has a great Etsy shop, supplying pre cut charm squares of vintage sheets, make your own vintage bunting kits and vintage sheet baby quilt kits. Mary is super helpful if you need vintage sheets for other projects of your own.

Vintage Sheet Quilt

The idea behind this quilt is that I can sleep under it in summer when it's too cool for just a sheet and too hot for a duvet. I haven't measured the finished quilt, but here it is on my 4ft bed. It could have perhaps done with being a bit wider.  But it will serve its purpose. It's certainly long enough to cover my toes.

Vintage Sheet Quilt

So there you have it. Possibly my largest finished quilt to date and a positive picture of retro loveliness.


  1. I never had a vintage sheet addiction but I could develop one seeing this gorgeous quilt.

  2. I'm with Susan! That is just SO pretty, Jan. And weirdly I was just thinking about this quilt today and that you'd never revealed it!

  3. Looking fab! I swear, when my gran eventually shuffles off her mortal coil, if vintage is still in fashion, we'll make a fortune from her airing cupboard!

  4. Looks great Jan. I love the backing sheet. Your spotters guide for vintage sheet addicts did make me chuckle!

  5. It's making me want to cut into my vintage sheet haul.

  6. Retro loveliness indeed, it's gorgeous! I love your handy hints to spotting an addiction too :D

  7. Awesome quilt, superb post, love the addiction list, might have to watch Get Carter just for the bedding! Glad you are so pleased with it and that backing does look wonderful. I like how folks across blogland will be able to pick out their fabrics that they swapped too!

  8. Right, I am off to befriend some unsuspecting old people!!

  9. This is fantastic.
    You have got to make a "poster" out of your 5 ways to know you're a vintage sheet addict, so you can put it on Pinterest! Very funny!


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