Sunday, 25 August 2013

What I did on my holidays: Part 1 Bournemouth and Brownsea Island.

We were so lucky with the weather down in Bournemouth. It was glorious weather all week. I swear the place has it's own little pocket of sunshine, as we've rarely had rain when we've been down there. Bournemouth is one of my favourite seaside places. Yes, if you're looking for a more peaceful, crowd free coastal spot then Bournemouth is not for you. If you want a clean sandy beach, plenty to do for all ages and shopping five minutes from the beach then you'd be hard pressed to find a better venue.

Bournemouth 2013A

We arrived on Sunday and just chilled around the hotel. Chief phoned on Sunday night and said he'd finished work far earlier than anticipated so he was going to drive down to mine and spend the night so he'd not have so far to drive down the next day. He'd contemplated driving straight down on Sunday night.  However, he thought as he'd already driven down from the North East of the country and he'd not booked a hotel, he might be better breaking the journey at mine.  By the time I was getting up on Monday and thought I'd ring to see if he was on his way, it turned out he was already sat in the hotel reception!

Mum, N and I had planned a couple of hours shopping Monday morning so after breakfast we headed off leaving Chief to settle in and catch up with some sleep. When we returned we all had lunch in the hotel before heading for the pool. (And yes that is the lesser spotted Chief in the pool with me above!)

Tuesday, we headed off to Poole. It was a much shorter journey by car. (About half an hour shorter than going by bus!) and we didn't have the lengthy walk down to the quay as there is a multi storey car park about 100 yards away from where the Brownsea Island ferry goes from.  Chief had never been to Brownsea Island before so we decided we'd get off at Brownsea Island which is National Trust run so you have to pay to enter, as well as the ferry.

Mum and N headed off for a leisurely stroll and so did Chief and I. Mum can't manage quite as much walking and we thought it would make the best use of our time on the island if we split up.  Chief and I came across some red marks on trees. When you stood at certain spots the red marks lined up to make heart shapes.

Brownsea Island 2013A

We'd agreed to meet up in an hour for lunch so we didn't really have time to explore much of the island and actually it was busier than I'd ever known it. (Lots of noisy children to scare off any wildlife!)

Poole and Brownsea Island 20/08/2013
Just behind the wall is the the garden to the adjacent NT cafe. Great views while you eat. 
Behind is Brownsea Island Castle. It's a 5 star hotel for John Lewis staff. There is a four year wait
for holidays as the hotel only charges 3 star prices.

Brownsea Island 2013B
The big picture in the collage is Old Harry Rocks from Brownsea. The rest of the pictures give you an idea of what it's like on Brownsea Island.

Brownsea Island 20/08/2013

Mmmm local ice cream. Just had to be done!

It takes just 20 minutes on the ferry from Poole to Brownsea Island. On the way back it takes 45 minutes as they do a harbour cruise which normally takes in all the other islands in the harbour. This time tidal restrictions meant they risked running aground if they attempted to go around the back of Brownsea Island. It's normally quite shallow anyway so they have to keep to especially marked channels.  So they did a different harbour tour which gave us a chance to have a better look at how the other half live on Sandbanks.

Sandbanks is the 4th most expensive place to live in the world. I think it works out at something like 20 million pounds (Yes, 20 million pounds!!!!) per acre.  

Poole Harbour Cruise
Former England footballer Harry Redknapp apparently lives in the house in the big picture. The one directly below it is currently for sale. A bargain if you have just under 8 million pounds. I say bargain, it apparently sold for twice that 7 years ago.  I like the house bottom right myself. I checked on Right Move and for just over 7 1/2 million pounds I could buy that too!

So that's part one of what I did on my holidays. I'll fill you in with the rest another time. Today, Mum and I took ourselves off the The Chiltern Craft Fair. We try and go every year. It was so wet when we left this morning that we almost contemplated turning the car around I didn't bother to take a camera.  But I'll save what I bought for another blog post. 


  1. Love your holiday pics and especially that the big man got to get in on the action xxx

  2. Sounds like a great holiday, esp with extra time with C! I love the trees on Brownsea, must put that on our "to visit" list x

  3. it looks stunning x and the sun shone!! how wonderful x
    clever markings on the trees xx

  4. When you're picking up your house down there, just get me the one next door ;o)


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