Monday, 26 August 2013

What I did on my Holidays: Part 2 - Bournemouth and Boscombe

Wednesday was Chief's last day with us. We decided to walk down to the lower gardens and play some mini golf. First N and I made a quick trip to H&M to buy stuff. There isn't one in Oxford and I'd taken a shine to a dress my niece had brought with her that she said came from there. We left Mum and Chief sat on a bench and I came back with two vest tops, some make up and the dress.

Bournemouth 21/08/2013

After golf we owed Chief a winning ice cream. (He told niece she had won. Although said that anyone who got a hole in one was due an ice cream. He then went and got one himself!)  We had a walk along the beach and the first paddle of the holiday for us. Mum couldn't be bothered to take her shoes off and lived to regret it when she got caught out by a wave and ruined her shoes.

Bournemouth 21/08/2013        P1150048
N helped Mum sort her wed feet/trouser situation and as you can see I made good use of my downsized supertote.
I took the scarf I made but it was far too hot to wear and the large supertote never got the photo shoot I was hoping.

We all had lunch back at the hotel and then it was time for Chief to leave. I felt a bit sad that he was going because I know it'll be October now before I see him and we were all having such a good time together. N and I then headed for the pool. I'll spare you those photos!

After dinner on Wednesday we decided to walk into town and look at the Candlelight Night in the lower gardens. On the way down we listened to Rufus Stone playing soul music at the pier approach stage. This is a new still-being-constructed area. They started demolishing the much hated Imax cinema complex at the start of the year. It gives much of Bournemouth town it's sea views back.

Rufus Stone Bournemouth 2013
The crowd got up and started dancing as Rufus Stone sang songs like Soul Man.

Bournemouth 21/08/2013
The gardens were heaving. I'd never seen so many people at a night light.
It was hard to actually see the candlelight displays.

As we couldn't see much we headed towards the town where we could hear a different kind of band playing.

Bournemouth 21/08/2013
We stopped to listen to a couple of songs. They played music by the likes of Elbow.
Once they got drumming the ground shook.

After this we headed to the nearby taxi rank and got a taxi back to the hotel. It spared mum's legs and stopped us having to fight our way back through the crowds.

Thursday, we decided to go on the sight seeing tour bus. N had picked up a leaflet about this at the hotel and as we'd never done this before down in Bournemouth we thought we'd give it a go and get off at Boscombe for a while. We last went to Boscombe in 2007 on our first holiday. We all boarded the land train on a grey but fine day to find when we got to Boscombe the pier was closed and there were major refurb' works going on. I seem to remember we had one cuppa in a cafe before getting the land train back - all wishing we hadn't bothered. Boscombe is very different these days though. A fortune has been spent regenerating it and building an artificial surf reef. The surf reef has been controversial as it has never worked properly and currently is awaiting more works in order to get it up and running. 

Boscombe 2013
We had a walk on Boscombe Pier which unlike Bournemouth Pier is free to go on.

Boscombe 22/08/2013
Mum and I on Boscombe Pier

We spent about an hour at Boscombe before getting the bus again to continue with the tour. We got off at Bournemouth Pier and popped in a couple of shops. Mum needed to replace the shoes that got ruined by a wave the day before. Whilst Neve and I found shoes in the M&S sale, Mum opted to get hers from Superdry!

Cool at 80
Outside the Superdry store with Nanny's new purchase!

We got back on the tour bus and did a chunk of the tour again just so we could get off at the stop that was conveniently right outside our hotel. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. Making the most of the gorgeous weather.

Bournemouth Bus Tour 2013
The main picture shows Bournemouth Pier from the bus. The bottom two pictures are of the fab looking San Remo Towers at Boscombe. A Grade II listed apartment complex built in the Spanish American Style. Loved this complex.

As this was our last night N decided we should get dressed up. This meant going into dinner an hour later than normal as N does not do speedy getting ready and wanted me to have a go at curling her hair.  

Bournemouth 23/8/2013

Strangely we were the last people left in the restaurant as there had been two coach parties in at the hotel that week and the one from Yorkshire was going home early the next day. As we arrived for dinner the other coach group: from Northern Ireland were singing Congratulations and two cakes with lit candles were brought out. They were all about to go off and take part in a talent show so had had an early dinner too. We spent some time in the lounge after dinner and kept seeing people dressed up as black and white minstrels or Carmen Miranda pass by.  They were a very friendly bunch, although N struggled with the thick accents and asked me at one point what country they were from and what language they were speaking!

Friday was our last day. We had one final walk into town and back along the beach. Loading my brother, who'd come to pick us up, with bags and shoes so N and I could paddle.

Suits you sir.
Bro carried N's bag and my shoes. He really doesn't like
the sand between his toes thing!

Bournemouth 23/8/2013
N and I had one final picture taken. None of us wanted to leave. We hope 
to return next year for some more of this fun!

So that was Bournemouth for us this year. Glorious weather and great times. I'm back at work tomorrow. (BIG sad face) and once I'm back into my routine I'll be back to sewing. I've also got a long over due 3rd Bloggiversary give away coming up.  Until then I hope you've all had fab holiday's too!


  1. I LOVE the photo of you and N paddling - that's a framer!! And how grown up does she look in that dress?! But my fave part is Mum and the Superdry shoes - that is brilliant!!

  2. Bwahaha, not many people get to say their gran shops at Superdry ;o)

  3. What a gorgeous place to holiday! Glad your guy got to spend time with you too. I cannot believe how grown up your niece is. Tell her she's gorgeous!


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