Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What I Should Be Doing v. What I'm actually doing.

Whilst I have not lost my sewing mojo I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things now I've had my holiday. Work is crazy busy. I could do without people suggesting things I could do, when I already have more than enough to do. On the sewing front though I really do need some suggesting.  Having scrubbed my list at the start of the month in favour of keeping things simple, I've forgotten 95% of what was on that list!

So what could I have been doing this afternoon? 

I have only just opened and taken out the fabric for Fi in the last month of the first cycle of the HipBee's. Before you tell me off for being really lazy. I should point out they arrived whilst I was on holiday last week. I haven't left these since the end of July or anything! I am still deciding what block exactly to make. Maybe eating the chocolate would help me focus? I'm willing to try if you think it would help. ::wink:: ::wink::


I could have been making an elastic thingy to attach to this do-dah of Chiefs.


I could have started on my top secret military commission for...well it wouldn't be top secret if I told you. But does anyone know the best place for me to buy a bag of those little polystyrene balls that you put in bean bags from? I know I've seen them somewhere where I shop online regularly. but I can't remember where. And trawling all my fav fabric shops is likely to make me cave - sooner rather than later - and buy fabric for my stash...or other stuff. Because trawling is making me find other stuff I never knew I needed.

I could have ordered more fabric to get started on Chief's quilt. But he's about to go to Cyprus for a month so it's not like there is any rush and I thought I'd wait until pay day on Friday before I made any substantial fabric purchases.

What I actually did  this afternoon was catch up on the last two episodes of The Walking Dead and ponder what I would give away for my long over due third blogiversary. Oh and eat a few more of these.

Violet Cremes

But I do need to get focused. I'm missing the sewing!


  1. Well I say just eat the chocolate and see what inspiration strikes ;) What on earth is that do-dah and why does it need elastic??!
    No help with the bean bag balls I'm afraid :(

  2. I think hobbycraf sell the balls or you could try ebay - this link has them:

    Hope you find your inspiration in those choccies!

  3. I'm sure the chocolate will help provide inspiration!

  4. Know that feeling, just waiting for everyone to be well before I tackle anything, mojo is there just waiting...

  5. They do a big bag for about £5-6 at Dunelm Mill :)

  6. I think surfing the internet and eating chocolate sounds like a fine way to spend some time to be honest!


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