Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Change of Plan

The final bit

I was supposed to be on a day trip today with the neighbouring village's produce association. (VPA) only they hadn't managed to get enough people to go on the trip and it had to be cancelled.  I found myself with an unplanned Saturday. When the weather wasn't as sunny or dry as forecast around these parts I decided I'd spend a good chunk of my day finishing off my Christmas lap quilt. I started it last Autumn and had the back and front completed. It just needed basting, quilting and the binding sorted. Most of the time today was spent looking for the binding fabric. At one point I even doubted whether I had even bought this particular fabric in the first place. I thought I might have to do a spot of online shopping as my stash is woefully short of red fabric - even more so since I made this quilt!

I sewed down the binding whilst watching The Great Escape - which is usually on at some point over the holiday's, so it did add to the Christmassy feel for me. It was too late to get any pictures tonight and I'll try and get some half decent pictures tomorrow. Of course I'd have liked to have made them look a bit Christmassy, although I'm not sure how I'll manage that at this time of year!

Oh and talking of Great Escapes (she types tenuously) Chief is on a flight home as I type. At least I hope so. Anyone familiar with the military will know all about hurry up and wait. The process where you pack your bags days before you might get a flight. Spend hours and hours at the airport or similar hanging around only to be told the flight is delayed, then won't be leaving that day. Come back the next day when it may go in 14 - 24 hours. If you're lucky. Of course Chief is lucky to be flying at all. He broke his finger the day before and they wanted him to stay in hospital, have x-rays etc. Only this would have meant missing doing the hurry up and wait thing. As it was the cancelled flight meant he could have got sorted in hospital. But Chief wasn't about to risk that. 

Also delayed is the fabric for his quilt and the other sewing he's asked me to do. I missed the parcel force delivery and am waiting for re-delivery. At least I got my Christmas quilt finished. 


  1. The quilt looks like it's lovely! Hope you get your redelivery in a timely manner.
    I remember the hurry up wait get stuck days! Hope Chief makes it home safe and soon.

  2. I will be doing some Christmas sewing today too

  3. that quilt looks gorgeous - can't wait to see it in all its glory!

  4. I'm hurrying up and waiting for the ta-dah! Great news about Chief :)


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