Monday, 30 September 2013

Finding my voice...on twitter that is.

I absolutely said no to joining Twitter. Why? Well two three reasons really. 1) I don't understand it. 2) I'm on too many social media platforms already and 3) to someone who doesn't get it it seems a bit like online stalking and why would anyone want to know the real niff naff and trivia of my life? I mean you get that all here and on Facebook, so why do I need to join twitter too?  Well, it turns out for reasons that may become clear at some point in the future, I sort of need to join twitter. How active I am remains to be seen. I found a few people to follow.  I'm not sure why top of the list of suggested people to follow was Barrack Obama. I have not made my first tweet yet. I didn't know what to say. My mind went completely blank. I am normally a chatter box so this is not a feeling I'm used too. I am not even sure how to tell people I'm on there. It probably doesn't matter if I'm not going to find anything to say!

And because I don't like blogging without a picture here is the pillow I made Mum yesterday for nan naps on the sofa. (She is particularly fond of these.) I was hoping it would make a dent into the huge bag of bean bag balls I bought recently. You can't even tell I've used any. Have you seen the film: The Great Escape and how they got rid of the soil dug out of tunnels via their trousers? I may have to rig up a similar contraption to get rid of surplus bean bag balls.

Nan nap pillow for Mum
Flannel covered nan naps pillow


  1. Why do you think I offered to send you balls?!

    PS, I have my blog linked up to automatically tweet, which makes me look much more regular than I am at using it ;o)

  2. I am on twitter but don't use it all that often. Love the cushion

  3. Been on twitter for awhile.... Still don't get it. Love Instagram though!

  4. I think there are a lot of us on the "what the heck is Twitter for?" boat! I've had a Twitter account for a long time, but rarely post anything. Except that I do have the set up that auto-posts when I post a blog.

    I like the pillow, it does look very comfy. I guess you need to make a big beanbag floor pillow to use up the rest of your beans!

  5. Follow me follow me! ;) I usually tweet blog posts and Instagrams but observations or every day tit bits get tweeted too. I don't think I tweeted at all yesterday which is a bit of a shocker.

  6. I usually forget to tweet since Instgram - my brain is full!

    How many balls did you buy? I need to get enough for a couple of smallish bean bags/ pouffes (always make me laugh!), and wouldn't know where to start; your experience would be appreciated!

  7. only used twitter once, had too much vino, joined twitter and asked Billy Bragg when next he was playing Belfast. Have no idea what my password was to ever use it again and he never replied in anycase!


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