Sunday, 29 September 2013

For the Old Bag

The other day I read this post of Sheila's where she mentioned that her class had been making carrier bag holders using the Tutorial Rachel of PS I Quilt did for Moda Bake Shop.  It reminded me that I'd had this mentally pinned to make, long before Pinterest was on the scene.  I know of few homes that need one of these as much as we do.

Bags in need of a home
The bag full of old bags!

When Sheila mentioned these were also great FMQ practise projects I knew I had to crack on and make one. After all I did Trudi's class at FQR and one thing Trudi said was that in order to do FMQ you needed to practise, practise, practise. Apart from the little bit of practising we did at The Retreat I've only ever done stippling before. With mixed results. I was happy enough with it, but could see room for improvement and knowing this had made me reluctant to just jump in quilting a whole quilt with fancy FMQ. Lets face it if you've never done it before or have little experience it's going to be many things but not fancy!

So I decided to try out curly loopy quilting. I'm not sure what else to call it. I did not find it easy.  All the problems I'd ever had with stippling concerned getting the speed unbalanced between my hands and feet. It's still a big problem. Add that to iffy hand co-ordination and my quilting does not bear close scrutiny.

Practice FMQ
I used some left over Summersville and Sew Stitchy Charms - My kitchen has a blue and white
scheme and this seemed to be the nearest match.

It was also hard to see what I was doing due to many of the fabrics having a lot of white in them and the thread I was using was white too. At least my mistakes don't really jump out though! You get more of an idea of my quilting (complete with all the errors!) from the back side.  However, I am a firm believer in having a go. You can learn things from everything you do. More so when they don't go perfectly.

Pratice FMQ
You're allowed to laugh!

I am never going to be a great quilter like Trudi. I don't even aspire to be. We all have our strengths and quilting is not a favourite part of the process. However, it would be nice to be a bit more proficient for small projects.

The holder went together easily and I think these could make great gifts as they are quick and easy to make. An ideal beginner project if you want to practise a few skills and have something to show for it without weeks of effort!  I can see why Sheila picked these for a class make. It's satisfying to be able to make something in about an hour!

Carrier bag holder
There are nearly 30 carriers scrunched up in here!

Mum was pretty impressed when I presented her with it. You see she is the bag hoarder in this house and it's more than my life's worth than get rid of surplus bags. Only half of her bag collection is in here so she's promised to rationalise what's left. This takes up less space and I'm sure if the bags are folded rather than scrunched she may get a few more in here!  Beside it looks prettier too.

Carrier bag holder

But at last a stylish new home for the old bags!


  1. Really pretty Jan. And if the FMQ is not perfect, well it is better than mine!

    Love this project of yours!

  2. Super pretty and fresh - lovely!

  3. It looks great to me! You're way farther along than I am with FMQ. I need to make a bag holder. I had one but lost it in a move....

  4. I am about to try FMQ for the first time and more than a bit worried about it. I am great at stitch in the ditch though!

  5. I always suspected you were a bag lady ;o)

  6. Very stylish! I love the FMQ too, it looks really good :D


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