Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I've got mail...eventually

There has been a fair bit of online purchasing going on around here of late. And most of it has chosen this week to turn up. Not all have it has been fabric related. But I'll give you a few highlights.

First up a Lakeland order. I LOVE these boxes and for a while you couldn't get them. This size is perfect for a portion for one. They wash up a treat and freeze a dream, with no food staining. When I defrosted the freezer the other Sunday am (Yes, my life is that rock and roll.) I also went through all my plastic boxes. I'd lost a few bottoms along the way and put in the recycling box the random lids along with containers that had warped or were just no good. The ones I'd never get rid of are the original order of these. Only time will tell if the additions are as good. Hope so.

Simple pleasures

Second up I won a facebook give away recently when Simply Solids did a Tempting Tuesday competition. Aren't they lovely? I already have a couple of plans hatching away for my winnings.

My winnings.

And this brings me on to asking if any of you know how to find the 'rules' page on face book for give aways. One of my face book friends asked recently what the rules were for business' wanting to run a give away. Immediately people said that you could do them, but couldn't ask people to 'share' a post as part of the competition rules. Now I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever entered a give away on face book where sharing the prize status wasn't part of the deal. So is this just a rumour people are randomly putting about, having thought they might have heard someone's second cousin's neighbour mention this rule down the pub? Or is there some well hidden guidelines on face book that business' and page owner's should be adhering too?

Today I've been waiting in for two delivery re-attempts by Parcel Force (PF). I'd been furiously tracking the parcels on the PF website, but became twitchy around 2.30 pm this afternoon when I saw a van go flying past the house and then quarter of an hour later go flying past again. Their website said they deliver until 5.30pm so at 5.30 pm I was on the phone asking where my parcel was and was told they actually deliver until 6.30 pm so wait another hour. A few minutes later I refreshed the tracking info' to be told that delivery had failed as the driver had failed to find the address. The parcel(s) were now back at the Oxford Depot. I was not happy.

I phoned PF. The poor girl at PF must have been so glad she got my call. She offered to have them delivered tomorrow 'am guaranteed'. In fact she said she would go and physically get the parcels right then and put them out for that express delivery. I said if he can't find the address now how will he manage it tomorrow? And who says I can afford to wait in tomorrow? And just maybe you should suggest your drivers look for address' by actually slowing down and looking at properties. You know rather than driving as if they're in the Monaco Grand Prix.   With that a PF van arrived at the gate.  The driver said: Oh, I came earlier but I couldn't find you, so I thought I'd come back for another go. He then asked for directions to a building so big and so well sign posted I was staggered he couldn't find that either...At least he didn't make the excuse the City Link driver made the other week: The sign on the gate is too small to read. I had to virtually clamp my hand over my mouth, to stop me from saying: For Goodness Sake it's one of the clearest signs on the street. But you do have to slow down to actually look for it, let alone read it, or would you rather I had an 8ft banner put right across the front of my house? The only thing that stopped me was fear of never seeing another City Link parcel again. You see this driver has been here before. Two weeks running he had to call my mobile to find me. But at least he showed the initiative to do so. Unlike PF driver who had my mobile written clearly across one of the parcels in huge letters...

Still they arrived. An order from the Remnant House. Nothing very attractive, just essential for some Chief related sewing. 


And wait for it - (some of this much coveted by me) Numbers fabric from Ikea. I tell you I've wanted to get my mitts on some of this since I first saw it, but I don't live near an Ikea. I'd sort of made overtures that Chief might like to go to one if he was near one. But he looked at me like I was suggesting poking his eyes out with a meat skewer.  Luckily Katy works very close to the Glasgow Ikea and doesn't feel that fabric shopping is a cruel and unusual punishment. 


10 whole metres of fabric. Mmmmm my precious. If you want me I'll be stroking the fabric for a bit and contemplating whether I should get one of these. Purely to stop speedy delivery drivers as they go past my house with my fabric orders. But would I be able to get it delivered OK in the first place?


  1. I love that ikea writing so much, so many meters, if you wrap yourself in that you will get so tangled up! I recently got an order delivered by Hermes, it was a private car, no uniform, no "sign for" and the parcel was squished and slightly open!Didn't bother phoning, hadn't the energy!

  2. I can imagine your frustration with the deliveries :0)Love that Chief has camouflage fabric in his quilt!

  3. Yeah the FB thing is real, I got into some hot water over it before, here's the definitive rules: (see promotions- part E)

  4. At least your stuff has all arrived, and there is nothing nicer than opening a parcel of fabric.

  5. Don't get me started on lying delivery drivers - FedEx recently told someone my address didn't exist, that's why they'd returned the parcel to them...


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