Saturday, 14 September 2013

Letter to Chief

Dear Chief

Just a few lines to see how things are with you out in Cyprus and let you know what I've been up to here. Whilst you've been away I decided to join in with Le Challenge this round. The theme is 'Heroes' and of course that's why I thought of you and why I hope you'll understand about your shorts...

Before I got the scissors and unpicker out!

You did give them me to re-purpose into something of my choosing didn't you? I mean you didn't leave them with me to be washed or something did you? Because ummm I cut them up and this is all that's left of them.


Le Challenge theme of Heroes got me thinking of ways I could fulfil the challenge and I decided to pick a real hero not a comic book one. 

You may not think you're a hero but really when I think of some of the things I know you've done during your career, and the things your colleagues do on a daily basis, I think you can fit into the category of hero and so I thought your military issue shorts might become a great pouch and fulfil this summers Le Challenge.  

Then of course I lost my sewing mojo so didn't get any further than unpicking the crotch seams of the shorts. It was only earlier that I went to check when the Le Challenge link up was and realised it was So this afternoon I got cracking with making a bag.

The bag has a pocket like this 
on either side.
I'm calling it 'Double A Side'.

I realised when the crotch seams were unpicked that the two pockets on either leg of the shorts meant there was not a great deal of usable fabric left and that the pockets were just screaming out to become the pockets in a bag. So I grabbed some paper and made a make-shift pattern. The pocket top flaps were very close to a lot of seaming and tapering in the shorts so I had to cut them off with only a minimum amount of fabric left. It would be impossible to have these as the top edge of a bag and look neat so I added some quilting weight fabric, which unlike the dpm, I interfaced first. 


I measured around the outside of this panel and cut a length of the same quilting fabric about 4" wide and again I interfaced it. The material used in uniforms is relatively light weight, but tough and substantial enough for me not to bother interfacing it in this bag. 

I used the main bag parts to cut lining out of some Kona Champagne fabric I have had in my stash for ages. The smaller back pocket on the shorts had accidentally been cut when I was cutting the two bag panels. But I managed to cut around it and sew up the bottom and it has made a double internal pocket inside the bag. 


I didn't have enough of your shorts left to make the adjustable strap I was hoping for. But as I was winging it and making it all up as I went along I wasn't sure how long I should make the bag strap. The bag was looking a little big to be the across the body bag I had first thought of. So I added some bag hardware and fashioned a single strap to make this into a shoulder bag. If I get bored with that kind of strap I can change it at some point in the future. 

It's been raining here and miserable for most of the day. But luckily I got out for a few quick shots late this afternoon.


Anyway, I really do hope that you understand about your shorts. 

Lots of Love

Jan xx

PS. Can you keep away from any more blunt nosed vipers? They could do you some serious harm. And really chasing it around so you could take it's picture when it was in the middle of chasing a rat for it's lunch was more stupid than heroic. You know, just sayin'. :-)

Le Challenge


  1. Love the repurposing and the letter! Thank for participating in le challenge!

  2. Ha ha! Great letter - hope the photo was worth it!

    Great bag - you are clever. And I love those birds (puffins?) with the camo.

  3. Great repurposing. Hope your hero really did intend for you to cut up those shorts - not sure he'll want to be keeping his keys in them now!

  4. Ok I'm super hormonal and that made me cry! I love the bag, it is a great way to use those shorts and a brilliant letter!

  5. Love the bag, and the letter. Please tell me that you actually sent him that as a bluey!

  6. Erm, see that photo of all that's left? Unfortunately posed, is all I'm saying ;o)

    I do hope he also wanted his crotch permanently associated with pink birds...

    Sure if the snake was preoccupied with the rat, himself probably didn't look so tasty... ;o)

  7. Love the bag... my daughter is in Cyprus with the TA Band at the moment.

  8. Fabulous bag....and great repurposing. Love the post.

  9. love the bag! Brilliant! And why are boys like that about dangerous things? Seriously!

  10. Funny! Great post. Love that idea of letter. Well done.

  11. Great post, great bag and I'm sure Chief will understand...

  12. Brilliant bag! and a great post!

  13. Great post Jan :) your bag looks fab and your man is a hero!

  14. Brilliant way to recycle those shorts and I love the bird fabric too. Hope the letter doesn't get stuck in the post!

  15. Well you know the reply will be something along the lines of 'bugger the bag, where's my f-ing quilt woman?'!!

  16. Who needs pants when you've got a super cool bag with awesome pockets.


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