Monday, 9 September 2013

No Sew Mojo

I thought maybe it hadn't gone. That I was still in the holiday mode and more in the mood for plotting and planning than actual making. That maybe it was because it was still bright and sunny and that was luring me outside. But the fact is since my holiday, my sewing mojo has decided to stay away. I picture it walking along the beach, towards a sunset, sipping a woo woo and flipping me the finger if I even dare to think it should come back.

I hope it does come back soon because even with my no pressure sewing regime. I still have sewing commitments I need to get on with.  If I try forcing it though I'm bounding to make a mess of things and regret attempting to sew.

It's definitely turned autumnal around these parts. I've put the duvet back on the bed and am no longer sleeping under just the cover and a quilt. I have jeans on (the kind that go all the way to my feet.) and two long sleeved tops. On Saturday Mum and I went over to Waterperry Gardens. We walked around the gardens so I could take pictures, before we had lunch. We went because it was a good forecast for a few hours and I was determined to make the most of any sunshine - however brief. I won't bore you with all the pictures. Just one of the close up of a yarrow flower head.

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

It's pouring with rain - heavy rain, as I type and I have to go out in less than twenty minutes. Chief on the other hand is sweltering in the Cypriot sunshine and celebrating 38 years in the army. Yes, 38 years ago today he joined up. He's not that much older than me it just sounds bad when I realise he's been in the army for the majority of my life. He woke up to find a praying mantis at the end of his bed. Singing him Congratulations. I may have made the last part of that up. 

See you soon...hopefully with some sewing!


  1. I hope your mojo returns! Focus on other stuff and I'm sure it will. I've got the duvet out and the heating on! Hello Autumn!

  2. Do something you have no reason to do...but just want to!

  3. sometimes you just need a rest and maybe a project that is no pressure .. just fun xx the preying mantis dream xx I have to say Im happier with the cool weather xx

  4. Oh I was feeling that way, but then things just clicked into place this evening. Hope your mojo realises that shitty weather is perfect for sewing xxx

  5. Ha, I can't even imagine your mojo flipping the finger lol Hope it meanders back for you soon!

  6. I hope your mojo comes back soon...with a lovely tan and some nice 'I've been away but was thinking of you' presents.


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