Saturday, 14 September 2013

One final Bee Block

August was Fi's month in the HipBee's. She was the last person to take a turn as Queen bee before the first cycle had been completed. I pretty much had an idea of what I would do after I read in her brief that she liked wonky log cabins and stars. (Or at least I think I read that. I can't actually go back into the flickr group and check as the four original hipbees not taking part in round two of the hipbees were asked to leave the flickr group.)  I just needed the motivation to get making and to get rid of that little nagging doubt that kept saying: As you're going down the improv route for the main focus part of the block you'd best have enough fabric to finish what you start!

Reading Lu's fab book: Quilt Improv really confirmed to me I was on the right track. This is definitely my new favourite quilting book. So many fresh ideas and such a laid back way of approaching sewing. When I say laid back I of course mean creatively.  It is completely wrong to make the assumption that improv means slap dash or shoddy. I busted a lot of calories making Fi's block as I was constantly walking from the sewing machine to the iron in the next room to press at every single stage.

August Block for Fi

One other thing I whole heartedly agree with that Lu says is: 'Make it yours, relax and have a huge amount of fun. At the end of the day, we're not saving lives here, we're cutting into fabric and stitching it back together. Simple!"  I had a tremendous amount of Fun making the block for Fi. The having fun bit was the whole motivation for me joining bee's in the first place. So it seems only fitting that that I end my time as a HipBee with such a fun block.

I will continue to follow what my hipbee friends do via flickr and their blogs and of course I hope to be back to show you what I do with the lovely blocks I received when it was my month as queen bee.


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