Monday, 2 September 2013

See I told you Lucy...

This glorious weather is seducing me outside after work. I know that Autumn is now snapping at our heels so I can't resist making the most of these last lovely days of gorgeous weather. But that doesn't mean I'm not working on stuff too. I've placed orders over the weekend for bits and pieces I need to complete certain projects.  I just don't have any finishes to show you and most of what I am working on is a bit secret until I can reveal about it properly. Which I know is always frustrating when people say that on blogs.

Lucy and I were discussing Le Challenge earlier and I told her I'd actually started work on this time's challenge. I'd cut the crotch out of Chief's shorts and everything.  I promised to give her a tease shot later...until I realised that 'tease' and 'crotchless' in the same thread probably were decidedly dodgey.

Chief's shorts before I took the unpicker and scissors to them.

Oooh these look a bit like a face!

Not sure what Chief will think when he sees these pictures pop up on flickr. But it's OK he's in Cyprus, even his shouting can't carry from there...tee hee!

If you're looking for my give away go here.  It's OK crotchless shorts aren't a prize!


  1. Well it's not often your boyfriend's crotch appears online...

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!!! And I have no idea where this is going so I look forward to the reveal on the 15th!

  3. *guffaws* You're going to get all sorts of weirdos visiting here now after their dodgy googling!

  4. I'm wondering where this is going too....though if you needed the bean bag beans for this.....maybe I might take a guess.


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