Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Accidental Winner

I don't know why they say lightening doesn't strike twice as recently I've won two bloggy friends give aways and both occasions I've won give aways they've hosted before. Now isn't that curious? Of course I'm not complaining at all. The first give away was from Sarah at FairyFace Designs.

Lucky Girl 
Wasn't I a lucky girl?!
A phone cosy made by Sarah, 100 die cut fabric hexies - many of which have been
fussy cut for extra fun! Three FQ's of fabric and the fabulous Modern Baby quilt book, 
which Sarah contributed too. Boy do I want to make a few of these quilts -
So who's having a baby then?

The second give away win was from Lucy - at Charm about You.  Only when I won Lucy's I'd had no idea I'd actually entered. You may be wondering how I didn't know. But it was one of those Fugly Fabric/Lost that Loving Feeling blog posts and whilst Lucy did say to leave a comment if you were interested in her fabric/projects she had to get rid of, I guess I thought when I commented that it didn't count for the give away, unless I said which of the items I was interested in.  As it was I commented on something else entirely. I have to confess this is not the first time I've won a give away online without really realising I was entering...we'll say no more. I'm not complaining I got a great fat quarter bundle that time.

So what I accidentally won was:



I also won some socks. And I'll probably need these soon, what with all forecasts saying summer is at an end tomorrow with a 10 degree drop in temperature and rain...


Anyway, Lucy and I had a giggle about it and decided I should still receive the give away prize and see it as a challenge. So watch this space. I'll be coming up with something shortly. (Of course wining this give away of Lucy's means statistically I was not likely to be winning her mega give away as well. Damn I'd been drooling over that Aurifil.)

Oh and there is still time to enter my give away. Just go here!


  1. Well I hope that karma means I will win yours ;) XX

  2. Oh yes Lucy/Jan that would complete the cosmic circle or whatever!

  3. You deserve all the prizes you get. Enjoy!

  4. Congrats Jan, specially on the amazing prize from Sarah! Gorgeous! Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  5. Stupid woman, don't you know not to comment on fugly day?! ;o) Have fun with the prize from Sarah though, I know another dozy mare that might appreciate something from it... :oD

  6. Winner!!! Kind of jealous, well of Sarah's goodies, sorry Lucy! xx

  7. Can't wait to see what you make!!


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