Thursday, 19 September 2013

This week so far...

Since Brit Sewing Thursday Linky started I've only managed to link up once. For various reasons - either not sewing or having only just blogged and linked up my sewing else where, I've had nothing to show and tell. But this week I do have stuff to share.
Maybush Studio

I've already shown you pictures of my final bee block made (I still need to get to post it!).

August Block for Fi

And of the bag I whipped up on Saturday.

Double A Side Bag

I can't remember if I showed you that the hexies I basted are slowly being sewn together.

BastedA start

What I know I haven't shown you are these. Liberty scraps for the wonky crosses and low volume/text charms from online swaps. Completely inspired by Lu's book.  I loved making these, but am not sure if I really like them enough to continue. I mean I want to use my Liberty stash in making these, but the Liberty seems to be a bit lost with the low volume fabrics.

Liberty Wonky Crosses


I have also ordered the fabric to make a quilt for Chief. Ssssh don't tell him. In with that order is some fabric for something I have to make for him before he gets back. So I hope it hurries up, as he's coming home earlier than I expected. He'll be in the UK (all being well) on Saturday. Although it may be a few days before he's able to come and visit. Just as well. I really REALLY need to go and do some housework!


  1. Hooray for an early return! He won't worry about the housework - turn the lights down and light some candles and the dust becomes invisible anyway!! Have fun.

  2. My, you have been busy. I like your wonky crosses, perhaps using wider strips of the Liberty, might jazz it up a bit.

  3. Those cross blocks are especially gorgeous.
    Thanks for linking up.

  4. He's coming home earlier than expected. Woohoo for you! Now get sewing and cleaning - quick!!!

  5. I love the background fabric on the crosses!

  6. Your crosses are lovely. I think the liberty might stand out more once they're pieced together :)

  7. Loving those hexies, especially the cute Owl! And I always love anything Liberty!

  8. Have you chopped all the Liberty up, or do you have wider strips you can use? Then you could scatter around different sizes of strip. I think they'll also look better laid out rather than piled in a heap ;o)

  9. Maybe you could frame each block with the liberty as well to help it stand out more? Happy cleaning!!

  10. What Katy said! I love your Liberty crosses...and would keep going...I think all will be well :) Great news about Chief!

  11. I love the crosses with the low volume. It will be fabulous when you put it together. I also like the idea of increasing the width of the liberty! Have fun and enjoy your hubby's return. Thanks for sharing. Marie (

  12. is the something else you are making for Chief a new pair of shorts? ;-)

  13. I think the crosses will work out really well when you piece them all together.
    I think Chief may have heard!


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