Thursday, 12 September 2013

Well isn't that typical?!

Since the FQR in July my sewing mojo went mental. I just couldn't get making enough. I couldn't stop reading blogs either. It seemed just as my sewing and blogging enthusiasm was going into over drive so many others was waning. Now isn't it typical that as my mojo has done one, everyone else seems to have found theirs. I can't keep up with all the blog posts. So forgive me if I've not been commenting as much as usual.

Yesterday, I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I had a nan nap early evening and I also spent some time cosied up on the sofa with a new book acquisition.

  Quilt Improv

I had wanted to get a copy of this at FQR but when I arrived at quilt market there didn't appear to be any copies left. It was only later people told me that all the books hadn't arrived so very few people got a copy. They were having theirs posted on by Lu when they did eventually get through the customs hold up or whatever it was. As suggested I emailed Lu to see if she still had a copy I could buy, but I didn't get a response. It wasn't long to wait until the book was released. I ordered mine from Amazon and it arrived this week. I already feel inspired...just not enough to actually sew at the moment.

Today after work I drove out to a field I'd spotted that had sunflowers in it. I'd not got a camera with me when I first spotted it so just had to go back. Of course it would have been better if the skies had been blue. But I still got a couple of snaps I really liked. 

Sunflowers in Oxfordshire


  1. I love sunflowers. Wish someone wold grow a field of them round here! Relax, the mojo will return when ready. Meanwhile you have wonderful reading.

  2. Fabulous picture. I'm sure the mojo will return just keep reading inspirational things and then when it's back you'll have loads of brilliant ideas to put into action.

  3. dont try and force it just look at those wonderful flowers .. and your new book .. and dream of what you would like to do.. when you are ready xx

  4. Love that sunflower! And your socks. *g*

  5. I see you, trying to ignore the ironing board!
    If Lu's book doesn't get you excited, there's no hope, best send your stash my way and take up some other hobby! xxx

  6. Pretty flowers :o) Pishing with rain round here, you'd never have seen them...

  7. Gorgeous sunflower pic.
    I bet you will be itching to make something improv after all that eye candy inspiration in Lu's book.


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