Friday, 6 September 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

OK so who stole summer then? Yesterday I was in the garden at 6pm wearing these: (and cutting back the Lavender before it rained.)

The last of summer?

Eating a home made calamari salad out on the front bench. (The tomatoes were from the garden!)

Calamari for Supper

And pondering why on earth I thought 1 cubic foot of bean bag balls would not be enough for the project in hand...

Umm that's a whole lot of balls!

This reminds me of that rover ball thingy from The Prisoner.  Which  apparently terrified a whole generation, including my brother. Best keep this out of brothers sight!

Today is completely different. I'm wearing long sleeves as it's much cooler and whilst foot wear is still sandals (well it's either that or boots - I've not got much choice in between.) I've had to dig out the brolly and not even contemplate outside eating.

Perhaps now I'll actually get on with some sewing. I've been completely in holiday mode since my holiday and have not stitched a thing. Well if I haven't it's so small it's not worth a mention.

So I'll leave you with my give away winner. I was going  to do the names out of the hat method but was too lazy to write out all the names so fell back to using Mr RNG. I can never get the little box to appear properly so had to do a photo of the lap top screen.


And number 32 is: 

Archie the wonder dog said...
How about covers for gadgets, if they have them? If not maybe a fabric basket (or change tray) filled with little goodies that they would appreciate and perhaps not buy for themselves? Of course, you are the queen of bags so a 241 tote or similar would also be great!
 Now I'd best go off and do housework and then sew Fi's block and make a start on using up some of those balls...


  1. Not the rover ball! Hope you can offload that cubic feet of polystrene balls before they spill all over your floor!

  2. Excited much about my block.. No rush though! Salad looks amazing but it's so dark and murky here today I think strew my b on the cards soon X

  3. Well done to Helen!

    Shocking weather eh!? I have come to the realization that I have no shoes that fit, only flip flops or winter boots, so I am plumping for cold feet until mid-October!

  4. It's bloody freezing up here today, too!! Congrats to Helen! I do like when people I know win.

  5. The temp was at 10 degrees colder here this morning, was seriously not amused!

  6. Congrats to Helen!

    Holy Cow! I'd totally forgotten about that show! I may have nightmares tonight! ha ha

    The salad looks yummy!

  7. Congrats to Helen. Bad weather means more time inside to sew.

  8. Sorry I missed your giveaway, happy 3rd, but delighted to see Archie, oops, Helen, win.x

  9. I know! I went out this morning and had to come scurrying back in for a jacket. A jacket! Love seeing Helen win the giveaway though. Woohoo!

  10. Yeah, it's me! Thank you! (I could have sworn I'd already commented on this post but I must have been dreaming - sorry!) I have finally given in and accepted I need a summer coat. And waterproof trousers...the two items aren't going to be worn simultaneously though, don't panic!!


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