Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

One day I might have some sewing to show you. Today is not that day. If it wasn't for Blogtoberfest I'd probably not even be posting today.  Sometimes it really feels like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel to share with you.

Today in the post I got a new case with the intention of storing my camera lenses in it. Chief had one when he came down last week and even though he got his for transporting his kit about, I decided it would be useful for me to keep all my kit up together. One day I'll knock a random lens off of a table when I'm quilting and regret I hadn't found it a proper home.

When I took the case out of the box I had a slight: Oh Poop! moment when I thought it might actually be too small for my kit.

About to start

But once I got to pick and plucking at the pick and pluck foam, I discovered that it actually does fit all my kit.

Happy days!

Monday, 21 October 2013

A special present

Chief spent a good chunk of last month in Cyprus with work. Early on into the trip he told me he'd got me a special present. He'd picked it up near the Akrotiri salt lake, where he went to take pictures of the birds that hang out there.  Even though it didn't cost a penny, I was so excited when he told me about it. He put it away somewhere safe and then promptly forgot where that was! (this is something Chief does quite often which is why I also got one of last years Christmas presents this trip too.)

Walking back towards the car from Shotover I happened to ask him if he'd found it. He said, no and he was upset that he'd managed to lose it. Then he said, even though he'd looked everywhere, he hadn't looked in his wallet. So stood in the middle of a field he got out his wallet and proceeded to check it and voila! He found the feather. Not just any feather. A flamingo feather.

Special present.

Maybe I'm just easily pleased. I just do like a present that's thought out with the recipient in mind. It's not about the cost it's about the good thought behind it. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

'Shroom Season

As is usual when Chief and I get together we spent a lot of time out in the countryside over the last few days. Whilst the trees around here are only just starting to turn, there is evidence that we're well and truly into Autumn with all the berries and fruits around. One of the places we visited on Thursday was Shotover Country Park. It's a large public area between Wheatley and Headington in Oxfordshire.


We were just wandering around wondering if we'd see any Jays (we did but they were too elusive to photograph!) and I'd swapped my lens over to take some landscapey shots like the one above, when I said to Chief: "It's fungus/mushroom time of year. We may not see any birds, but maybe we'll see some fun fungus to photograph," when Chief said: "Ummm you're going to want to put your macro lens on and come and see what I've found." 

Fly Agaric (or fairy toadstools to you and me!) every where! 

Are there fairies in the forest?



Neither of us are great fungus experts. Although we found plenty of different kinds to photograph. Including one that looked like a bottom. 



The next day we headed off to Bernwood Forest and whilst Chief was still hoping to photograph a Jay and we did hear and see them, like Shotover the day before, they were too elusive.  I'd just commented on how there was not much fungus like at Shotover, when I spotted some and then lots. 






I am not that steady handed with my macro lens and especially in poor light levels. Unlike Chief I was not prepared to lie in the mud as I had the expensive outdoor coat on he bought me for my birthday and I really didn't want to get it all muddy and snagged. But I was happy with the shots I did get. 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

It all went by too quickly.

I've hardly been online the last few days. In fact for a couple of days I didn't even switch the laptop on. There has been trips out, meals out, long walks. Lots of photographs taken and sorted and a delicious Chinese take-away thrown in. Now I'm tired and sleepy and not quite back into the swing of things. I probably have a tonne of emails to answer too. Chief has gone back to camp and back to work. Hopefully I'll get to see him next month.

The lesser spotted Chief.

Hopefully I'll be back soon to bore you with show you some photos and explain more about the last few days. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The first day of my leave

I'm not in work today. (Hurrah! Does a little happy dance.) I've been into Oxford this am. In the rain. Boy did it rain. A lot. I completely lost my shopping mojo. All I managed to buy was some charity Christmas cards and some food in Marks and Spencers. I had hoped I'd do some more Christmas/Birthday/Baby shopping, but I completely lost the will to shop. Thank heavens for online shopping eh?!

But when I got home some lovely post was awaiting me. Look:

My new Autumn/Halloween decoration

I can't knit for toffee. I would never be able to make something like this in a month of Sundays. So when I saw a picture on the facebook page of a bookcrossing friend whose Mum had made one for a shop, I just had to see if she'd be able to make me one.  I just love her hat and swirly cape. She has green long johns on. Well they might be tights, although I think probably long johns given how drafty it must be on a broom. Her pumpkins are sort of glowing and have little personalities of their own. I fleetingly thought of naming the witch after someone that hadn't been very nice to me a while back. But really this witch is far nicer. 

I've never really done Halloween/Autumn decor before this year. It's a very American thing to do I think. Given my mixed feelings towards this time of year I thought it might make the season more cheery. 

I may not keep up with the Blogtoberfest thing the next few days as Chief is down tonight for a long over due visit. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ne na ne na blue?

I've had a bag request of sorts. It's waiting on the requester sending me something in particular in the fabric department and until that arrives I can't get started. I will have to add some fabric to it and so asked a few questions about what the recipient likes. Colours/designs etc. It's hard making something specific for someone you've never met and may never meet, with little to go on.  Especially knowing the item will be a special gift. On the one hand the lack of specific requests means it's quite liberating. Nobody is saying the bag has to be this style or have certain features. One of the things the person did say was that the recipients favourite colour was: ne na ne na blue.  I said what you mean the kind of blue on flashing emergency vehicles? They said yes. And I immediately thought of Mirror Ball Dots. Only I didn't have any and had never seen any in person. I had to hope that they looked in real life how they look on my monitor. (Unlikely - I've had trouble photographing them!) I had to also hope that the kona I ordered to go with them and the sew-all thread matched or at least co-ordinated well.

Mirror dots and Kona

The photograph is not great; I think this is as close to ne na ne na blue I'm going to find? Or as Chief would say: It's close enough for government work. 

Monday, 14 October 2013


she can quilt

I have not joined in with any of the previous quarters this year. I joined up quite a few times last year and it got so demoralising when I managed to not finish a thing, that I decided to not even bother setting myself up for that kind of fall. 

However, I'm thinking now might be just the time to jump back in. To be honest whilst there are probably loads of things I should be finishing I am realistic about what I'm likely to achieve in the next quarter. Mainly because I should probably be joining a Start-A-Long for all those things I really should get started (as well as finished) before Christmas.  I've also been up and into work really early so am running on fumes right now and can't be bothered to go and find stuff that's unfinished and photograph it!

So what's on the list?

1) These crosses that I've actually started to sew together before getting distracted. They're destined to become a cushion. I am short of cushions so could do with getting this finished.


2) I also need to make five more of these for Chief. This was just the prototype. So far all I've made of those five is this:

Excuse the rubbish picture I'm to tired to change the lens on the camera - how bad is that!

3) I would really like to have the Aeroplane bag finished. So far I've cut out the pieces and ordered car scrim. 

Aeroplane Bag

There is talk of a weekend away in November. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and it would be nice to be able to use my completed Aeroplane bag. 

Yes, I have work to do!

(But first I am off for a bubble bath.)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Boring Wall and an Idea.

Today I've been cleaning the bathroom. Old houses, particularly those in the country get dustier and grimier quicker. Add that to my frequent predisposition to ignore housework and cleaning (and de-cluttering) it means when I do get around to it is never a five minute job. I still have more rooms to tackle. But not for today. One of the things you'd notice if you came into my house is how many of my house walls lack pictures. When I was renovating the house I decided to wait until all the rooms were done before deciding which pictures went where. I have an awful lot of pictures that need framing - which is never a cheap proposition. And even though Chief used to do a lot of picture framing he's not set up at the moment to do it. Add to that you simply cannot nail picture hooks into my walls unless you want a lot of chipped and cracked plaster and bent picture hooks. Each picture needs a screw and a rawl plug arrangement. That means getting my brother round with his tools and deciding exactly which picture needs to go where in advance. It just hasn't happened. But I have to say I do find having almost every wall in the house painted in either white or Orchid White (The Noughties equivalent of Magnolia) means that although the house is about as light as it's going to get, it's also lacking a certain cosiness.

I've been thinking a lot about this wall.

Boring Wall

The door on the left comes from the hallway into the dining area. The picture is taken looking through from the opening in the living room. I've always thought one day I'd put a big bright and cheery framed poster print on this wall. I just never decided on a picture I liked enough, and as you've probably gathered my track record with getting pictures framed is not great either.

Anyway, this weekend I had a flash of inspiration. What if I made a quilt and hung it here. Maybe a small medallion quilt or one of those quilts made up of all kinds of different randomly placed blocks that are not 100% matchy matchy but still look cohesive together. 

I just have to come up with a plan and add it to the list of things to do. That list is not getting any shorter. But really isn't this boring old wall just crying out for a quilt? 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gone Decluttering

Yesterday I missed my first day this blogtoberfest. I just had nothing to say. I'd been eeking out stuff since Tuesday there was just nothing left to say yesterday. I don't know how those who blog every day manage it. A combination of more exciting lives and better imagination maybe?

Anyway, all day I've been Autumn Cleaning and decluttering. I was going to take some pictures of decluttered  organised corners of my home. Only I'm too tired now so I'll just leave you with a couple of snaps of  sorted corners of my home that I could be bothered to take.

Jane Hanson Bowl

Living room window

Oh and they're messing about with flickr. I opted in to look and thankfully (for now) could opt back out. Most of the functions have gone. Including how to add various sized pictures in html for use on my blog. If that feature goes I'm not sure how I'll continue blogging. Why oh, why do they have to keep messing with flickr and why are they rolling out the Beta version of something with so few features we really might as well be not bothering. 

I have a lot more cleaning and decluttering to do. I may be some time...

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thursday Already?

Not sure where the past week has gone to. It seems to have flashed past in the blink of an eye. I have only really sewn a few more of these cross blocks. I sort of have a plan for them. Nothing definite, just the seed of an idea.

More Cross Blocks

I have worked out one of the reasons my sewing stalled is because I need a serious declutter and clean up. I am doing it by degrees, in bite sized chunks. I think when things are straighter I'll feel better about sewing. I certainly have plenty I could be getting on with. I have a bag request on the horizon too. I've had my arm twisted sort of. But in such a nice way I couldn't really say no. Bags are my favourite thing to make and I certainly don't need any myself right this moment, so it does give me a lovely excuse to play.

Also this week I've been acquiring vintage sheets/linen from various charity shops. It's amazing what looks tired and past-it in the charity shop, suddenly looks like precious treasure when it's been washed, ironed and folded.

Charity Shop Finds Laundered

Linking up with Brit Sewing Thursday: 

Maybush Studio

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tomorrow is my 8th Anniversary

Yes, tomorrow is the 8th Anniversary of my becoming a BookCrosser.  I first blogged about BookCrossing and what it's about here.  The unique thing about BookCrossing is, it was about the first website where a community that was first established online, migrated out into the real world, with bookcrossers meeting up both locally and globally.  Of course there has been many online communities since to do the same. Brit Quilt being just one and many 'real world' groups have a web presence as an add on to their offline activities.

This was my first ever BookCrossing meet up in Oxford. They used to have regularly monthly meet ups in Oxford and the organiser at the time was heavily involved with the Open University, so they were joint OUSA meet ups too. This was quite useful when I started studying with the OU myself.

My first ever BXIng Meet Up
Can you spot me listening intently?

Since this first meet up I've been to countless meet ups in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. I have never been to a BookCrossing Convention or the unofficial UK Bookcrossing convention known as the UnCon. However, in 2015 the main BookCrossing Convention will come to Oxford so I'm fully intending to go to that. In fact I'm pretty excited about it.  

I used to be much more actively involved with the bookcrossing community than I am now. I'm not sure really why I drifted away from it. I think I was finding keeping up with the forums on BookCrossing UK time consuming and then a few years back they had a major overhaul of the BC website and it made it frustrating and difficult to use for quite a period. It must cost a fortune to run the website and yet it is all free to use. (Although there are paid subscriptions for people wishing to help the site continue.) I think we all find we move on to other things from time to time. Many people have commented about the sewing UK blogging community and how a lot of regulars just don't blog anymore or very infrequently.  

Bookcrossing was great for me for two reasons: 1) The friends I made, and 2) the way it reignited my love of reading. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to chose to read and where to go for recommendations. I discovered so much about what books were out there and through bookcrossing I became a voracious reader again, often across genres I'd never have been interested in before.  As you can see from the above picture and one below, at meet ups there are tables full of books people have read and want to pass on. You can often get a great read or recommendation and did I mention the books are free?!

One of the many book tables.

There are far too many bags of books around my house that need passing on so I've decided I need to be a bit more active with my bookcrossing and try and get back involved with the community before 2015. 

You can check out the website here: http://www.bookcrossing.com/ or my bookcrossing page here: www.bookcrossing.com/mybookshelf/isisjem

If you see anything on my 'availables' shelf you fancy feel free to drop me a line.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

On a roll!

Yesterday, whilst in Thame I thought I'd scope the charity shops out looking for vintage sheets. This is the town I looked in last year when I hoped to join the UK and Ireland Vintage Sheet FQ Swap. Last year I found nothing. I'd just assumed I'd not find anything around here so I gave up. However, with the finds in Headington on Saturday I thought it was worth a quick nosy in the Charity shops: Just. In. Case.

And guess what? I found two more!

Vintage Sheets

This one is a flat single sheet and definitely vintage. It even had a little old lady smell about it. (Ok is that too much information? It's alright they were washed the moment I got them home!)

Vintage Sheets

This is a double duvet cover. It went straight in the wash before I could find a label. I'm not sure it's age; it looks like something that would have come from the late 1970's early 1980's. I kept thinking 'Watership Down' when I saw it. In fact I nearly left it where it was in case it wasn't that old. But then I remembered I'm running out of sheets at home to practice my dressmaking on so for £2.99 I wasn't really going to leave it behind. I love the blues and purples. I also think it would look good backing a quilt.

Vintage Sheets

Not only has Mary created a monster introducing me to vintage sheets, but I've found some beauties over the last few days. I'm definitely on a roll!

Oh and it looks like there will be a round two of The UK and Ireland Vintage Sheet FQ Swap early in the new year. So if you're in the UK or Ireland get hunting in your local charity shops and car boot sales. Join the flickr group too so you can scope out any lovelies people are finding already! Addicted much - who me?

Monday, 7 October 2013

I have a LQS worth having!

As promised I took myself off to one of my nearest towns: Thame in Oxfordshire to check out the patchwork shop I'd been told about.  I just had to go and check it out as this would mean I have at long last have my own LQS (Local Quilt Store). Surprisingly Oxford has no quilt/sewing store worth mentioning. I am often asked by quilting/sewing friends visiting the city where they can go to buy fabric and sewing stuff. I have to tell them not to bother looking in Oxford as they'll be disappointed. To hear there is one in a town as close to me as Oxford had me excited.

I was not disappointed by my trip into Sew Patchwork. Tucked away down Swan Walk (don't worry there are clear signs from the main High Street) it's right next to a huge car park that gives you three hours parking for free. A smallish, but light and bright shop it has plenty for the modern sewist to peruse.

I was only popping in to scope out the shop and tell you all about it. I didn't have a melt down like I did when Katy took me into Shaukat. This is what I came away with this visit.

You know my thing for birds and the need to get a few more oranges in my stash.

So what else will you find there? I was impressed with the range of sewing tools and notions. Even though I have to buy most things online it can be hard sourcing tools/notions. Especially if someone goes and blogs about how great something it is. All the online shops seem to sell out. I found myself recently ordering a Sewline Glue Pen from Pink Castle (in the US) because I couldn't find one in the UK. And here in Sew Patchwork they have them along with refills! I can get replacement rotary blades here too, along with machine needles, marking tools and these gold eye applique needles I've been meaning to get for ages. I'll be back for notions alone. I think some might be finding their way into my Christmas stocking. 

There is a good range of fabric. A nice selection of Moda pre-cuts and pre-cut fat quarters. You might find a few batik fat quarters or civil war repro type prints, but mainly it's the more modern fabrics like the FQ's I bought by Jessie Jung. I didn't see how much fabric by the yard was;  FQ's are various prices depending on how they're arranged in big easy to browse boxes. I also noticed some scrap packs by colour and cotton lawn. It's good to see fabric in flesh.

I can't remember all the thread stocked there. Sew Patchwork stocks the ever popular gutermann both quilting and sew all and there was also a nice selection of threads by Oliver Twists. No sign of any Aurifil though. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the prices. All to often if I do go into a proper bricks and mortar store I find the prices are extortionate compared to what I can buy in the UK online. Not the case at Sew Patchwork. Certainly competitive. I will be back. I'm just so pleased I have a proper bricks and mortar store I can pop into. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Blogtoberfest - The Short and Sweet Sunday Edition

The thing is with Blogtoberfest is I'm supposed to blog every day. There is a very good reason I don't blog every day and that's because some days there is just nothing much to say. I even struggled with Project365 today. The only pictures I snapped were of this chap on my neighbours roof. I should have been hanging out the washing, but I get easily distracted from housework (in case you hadn't noticed.)

Wagtail enjoying the sunshine

The Smashing Pumpkins table runner is in situ and has been joined by some lovely flowers and a platter of apples since I took this snap.

Autumn Decoration

Tomorrow I'm hoping to scope out the new to me Local Quilt Store. I will of course report back. That's all for now though folks. Hope you all had good weekends?

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Jays at The JR, Sushi and my first vintage sheet finds.

Oh what a morning I've had. (I'm saying that in a good way!) Last night I went to bed feeling a bit low. Chief was supposed to be coming down today only he's not been well. He's been calling for Burt and Hughy on the big white telephone. I'll say no more on that subject. But it became pretty clear he wasn't going to make it down here and if he did by some miracle make a speedy recovery, he was still likely to be infectious. I have not seen him since August when he got down to Bournemouth for a few days so I really miss him. His postcards from Cyprus turned up in today's post.

Mum has been wearing a heart monitor since Tuesday. She was supposed to wear it for 5 days then return it to the hospital. However, the contact pad thingy she has to wear on her breast bone was really making her skin itch. And when I replaced them after she'd bathed I noticed her skin was reacting more and more - not with the sticky plaster bit but the white gel pad inside. We decided as she had no obvious symptoms the hospital could surely make do with 4 days worth of readings and decided to return it to the hospital a day early.  My first bit of excitement came from walking through an area of the hospital grounds which is more like a park. It was full of Jays! Not a glimpse of one, but quite a few. Although they didn't stay still for very long. I had my Lumix bridge camera in my bag so whipped it out and got a few fuzzy snaps. I'd have loved to have had my DSLR with me but I was already getting a few funny looks from passers by wondering why I was taking pictures in the hospital grounds.

Jays at the JR!

Jays at the JR!

Not the best pictures ever and I'm tempted to make a return trip with my proper camera, but you can definitely see they are Jays. I've always loved Jays. As someone once told me they're like me: A noisy chatty bird.

The JR hospital is at Headington which is a town that joins onto Oxford. It's renown for it's Charity shops. It feels like every other shop is one. I thought I'd have a look for vintage sheets in a few. I'd been in half a dozen and all I'd seen were a few 'vintage' (well they were almost old enough to be vintage.) ugly curtains. Nothing in the way of sheets. I was getting tired and hungry and about to walk past the next charity shop I came to when I noticed some curtains hanging up on a rail and thought I'd just stick my head in the door and check if they had any sheets and I found not one but two vintage sheets. A large flat sheet and a single duvet cover. Both cost me £5.50.

Vintage Sheets!

I was so excited I nearly skipped to the bus stop swinging the bag with the sheets in!  They're in the wash as I type. What this means is if the UK and Ireland Vintage Sheet Swap does have a round two I'll have something to contribute!!

If my day hadn't been fortuitous enough already I popped into Peacocks and spotted a two pack of fingerless gloves for £3.50 and no covered thumbs in this pack. I've only been looking for some traditional fingerless gloves for about 5 years. Ideal for cold days in the office when I can hardly type because my hands are so cold. I  didn't expect to get one pair that cheaply let alone two!

Lunch was Sushi from Waitrose. 


Now I fancy something sweet so I'm off to make cookies. I LOVE days like this!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Oh the excitement

I am nearly bursting with excitement. First off Wednesday when I was feeling completely blurgh a fabric order arrived from Pink Castle. Yep, a flat rate envelope bulging with fabric goodness.

Don't you just love a stack of new fabric?

I think a closer look is in order.  These are the half yards. I sometimes wish they did Fat Quarter cuts. But at least with half yards these could end up as bags.


Then I got some 'yardage'


Some Essex linen because I can't get enough of it. Either for bags or cushions.  I already had a yard of those yummy Heather Ross Strawberries. Now with another yard I have enough for some PJ shorts! The birdies are destined for shorts or some dress making of some sort, as I bought a couple of yards of that.

If you remember last time I placed an order with Pink Castle I bought some Velveteen. Some of which I wasn't that keen on and some that was destined for a snuggly infinity scarf. Now the velveteen is predominantly a light pink colour with hints of other colours. I have been looking for some voile to companion it in the scarf. I haven't been able to track down the right colour voile and then I saw this. I can't remember the brand of voile, but it's not like the AMH voiles I'm used too. This has a different weave. And er I'm not sure I like the feel of it at all.


The voile incident brings me on to something else I'm super excited about. Someone told me on Facebook last night I have a LQS. Yes, that's Local Quilt Store. A proper bricks and mortar store. It's only been open since June but I'd not been to that particular town. I feel a recce trip coming on. It will be so much fun to see fabric in person and not have to second guess it from a little picture on my laptop! Of course the trip will be purely so I can report back to you all, in case anyone else is in the area. Not to see and stroke fabric in person. And certainly not for fabric shopping or anything. Honest. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Smashing Pumpkins

If you read yesterday's this post then you'll know I was working on something distinctly orange that I didn't want to show any more of until I finished it. Now I know it gets frustrating when people blog about all kinds of stuff then don't share. I only said I'd keep it secret until the full reveal because I knew that I'd have the item finished today so you wouldn't have to wait long.

The other day I saw this picture over on Flickr. A pair of mug rugs made by Di (who I was fortunate to meet and have dinner with earlier this year when we both attended the FQR.) and it inspired me to make my own Autumn table runner. You see I have a pine chest of drawers in my sitting room (full of my fabric stash) and for a long while I've thought rather than have it become a clutter collecting place, I'd do little seasonal displays. It worked quite well of Christmas/winter when I got a lovely Christmas table runner in a flickr swap.

Festive Runner
made by oneygirl - Leona

In fact because it was wintery rather than full on Christmas, I decided to keep it in place until long past Valentines!  I had intended making a spring runner and placing little posies of primroses and violets in vintage containers. But life was conspiring against me for a good few months and I wasn't getting obligation sewing done, let alone sewing for myself.  I was determined to get stitching up for Autumn though.

So Tuesday, freshly back from the hospital with Mum I pulled out these fabrics and set about making some snow ball pumpkin blocks complete with stalks.

And realised how little orange I have!

I had some left over Essex linen (Stone?) from a bag project or two and decided this would be great back ground material. I ran out so couldn't sash the sides in it. As I wanted the runner to be a tad wider I dug out some gorgeous apple fabric I'm sure I won in a give away that Kerry had a few years ago. It really fits the Autumnal fruit/harvest feeling of this table runner.  By Tuesday evening I had it all made up and basted ready for quilting.

Smashing Pumpkins Table Runner

I called it a day there fully expecting to come back to it on Wednesday. However, yesterday was a pig of a day. I had the headache from hell. Induced I'm sure by some serious stress at work, that even painkillers didn't touch. By 8pm I'd gone to bed and decided I'd had enough of the day already.

This afternoon, after work I decided to crack on and get the runner finished. I had already decided I'd be hand quilting with a little orange perle. I bound the quilt in some brown fabric that would scare the pants off of Hadley, that's been in my stash forever. In fact everything in this make was straight from stash. I love those kinds of makes.

My Smashing Pumpkins table runner!

I can't remember what this fruity background fabric is. I've had it in my stash for a while. I had been thinking of making an apron with it. We won't look too closely at my stitching on the reverse. I am not very good at getting it neat on both sides!


When the runner is on the chest of drawers and the light is better I'll get a picture of it in place. One thing I didn't check though was sizing. I had 4 orange charms from a charm swap and so decided the basis of my pumpkins would be 5". I made the rest up as I went along and it ended up a tad wider than my chest of drawers. I managed to trim it down it down a bit, although once binding was on I lost a slice or two of pumpkin. It does mean there will only be a slight over hang though. I just got carried away. 

And now I have a 'Smashing' pumpkin table runner.

Blogtoberfest Day 2: Yes really it's day two. Honest.

I only once before tried to get blogger to do a scheduled post and it failed. Second attempt fared no better. And law of sods dictated that when I got in from work with the mother of all headaches, I went to bed, got up and then went back to bed without switching on the computer to check it had posted as it should have. Which is why you're getting yesterday's post today and not...yesterday as you should have. With me so far? Hope so.


Tuesday I got back from a hospital trip with Mum and pulled fabrics. I was tired with the makings of a head ache. (The VAT man cometh at work need I say more?) I was however totally inspired to get making something and whilst I'm at the basted, ready to quilt stage, I thought I'd do a full reveal rather than a sneaky peek. Needless to say this amounts to pretty much all the orange fabric I own. And a couple of those you see are actually charm squares for the rainbow charm swap. But orange fabrics were kind of crucial to the whole plan. It felt pretty good to shop my stash though, especially as I'm expecting a Pink Castle fabric order any day now! 

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