Sunday, 6 October 2013

Blogtoberfest - The Short and Sweet Sunday Edition

The thing is with Blogtoberfest is I'm supposed to blog every day. There is a very good reason I don't blog every day and that's because some days there is just nothing much to say. I even struggled with Project365 today. The only pictures I snapped were of this chap on my neighbours roof. I should have been hanging out the washing, but I get easily distracted from housework (in case you hadn't noticed.)

Wagtail enjoying the sunshine

The Smashing Pumpkins table runner is in situ and has been joined by some lovely flowers and a platter of apples since I took this snap.

Autumn Decoration

Tomorrow I'm hoping to scope out the new to me Local Quilt Store. I will of course report back. That's all for now though folks. Hope you all had good weekends?


  1. So funny i read that first bit before the picture had loaded and actually thought you took a pic of a man on a roof!! The runner looks great!

  2. I thought the same as Lucy! *g* You do get interesting birdies down your way. Love the runner - I must get the Halloween stuff out!

  3. good bit of distraction I would say.. even if it is a bird and not a man!! lol x

  4. There you go then - if in doubt, a picture of a man on a roof will keep everyone happy!!

  5. I also get easily distracted from housework...any excuse to be honest!
    I live the smashing pumpkins table runner! Xxx

  6. Eeeek! Every day? That's a LOT and you're talking to the girl who blogs a lot! I stop at 5 times a week, I need two days off!


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