Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gone Decluttering

Yesterday I missed my first day this blogtoberfest. I just had nothing to say. I'd been eeking out stuff since Tuesday there was just nothing left to say yesterday. I don't know how those who blog every day manage it. A combination of more exciting lives and better imagination maybe?

Anyway, all day I've been Autumn Cleaning and decluttering. I was going to take some pictures of decluttered  organised corners of my home. Only I'm too tired now so I'll just leave you with a couple of snaps of  sorted corners of my home that I could be bothered to take.

Jane Hanson Bowl

Living room window

Oh and they're messing about with flickr. I opted in to look and thankfully (for now) could opt back out. Most of the functions have gone. Including how to add various sized pictures in html for use on my blog. If that feature goes I'm not sure how I'll continue blogging. Why oh, why do they have to keep messing with flickr and why are they rolling out the Beta version of something with so few features we really might as well be not bothering. 

I have a lot more cleaning and decluttering to do. I may be some time...


  1. *wails* But I'm only just getting used to new Fluckr! Ha! Typo but I'm leaving it in!

    That's a very pretty bowl next to the punkin runner! I've been decluttering all week myself (Chooks room) and am knackered!

  2. I wanted to put a note on a photo the other day, and that function seems to be gone? Decluttering is beginning to seem like a full time job here anymore.

  3. I've all but given up on the photo side of flickr, such a shame!

  4. know what you mean I hardly ever go to Flikr now as the changes drive me MAD!! x Did you find anything interesting when you "de cluttred"?

  5. Verbal incontinence helps on the daily blogging front ;o)


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