Saturday, 5 October 2013

Jays at The JR, Sushi and my first vintage sheet finds.

Oh what a morning I've had. (I'm saying that in a good way!) Last night I went to bed feeling a bit low. Chief was supposed to be coming down today only he's not been well. He's been calling for Burt and Hughy on the big white telephone. I'll say no more on that subject. But it became pretty clear he wasn't going to make it down here and if he did by some miracle make a speedy recovery, he was still likely to be infectious. I have not seen him since August when he got down to Bournemouth for a few days so I really miss him. His postcards from Cyprus turned up in today's post.

Mum has been wearing a heart monitor since Tuesday. She was supposed to wear it for 5 days then return it to the hospital. However, the contact pad thingy she has to wear on her breast bone was really making her skin itch. And when I replaced them after she'd bathed I noticed her skin was reacting more and more - not with the sticky plaster bit but the white gel pad inside. We decided as she had no obvious symptoms the hospital could surely make do with 4 days worth of readings and decided to return it to the hospital a day early.  My first bit of excitement came from walking through an area of the hospital grounds which is more like a park. It was full of Jays! Not a glimpse of one, but quite a few. Although they didn't stay still for very long. I had my Lumix bridge camera in my bag so whipped it out and got a few fuzzy snaps. I'd have loved to have had my DSLR with me but I was already getting a few funny looks from passers by wondering why I was taking pictures in the hospital grounds.

Jays at the JR!

Jays at the JR!

Not the best pictures ever and I'm tempted to make a return trip with my proper camera, but you can definitely see they are Jays. I've always loved Jays. As someone once told me they're like me: A noisy chatty bird.

The JR hospital is at Headington which is a town that joins onto Oxford. It's renown for it's Charity shops. It feels like every other shop is one. I thought I'd have a look for vintage sheets in a few. I'd been in half a dozen and all I'd seen were a few 'vintage' (well they were almost old enough to be vintage.) ugly curtains. Nothing in the way of sheets. I was getting tired and hungry and about to walk past the next charity shop I came to when I noticed some curtains hanging up on a rail and thought I'd just stick my head in the door and check if they had any sheets and I found not one but two vintage sheets. A large flat sheet and a single duvet cover. Both cost me £5.50.

Vintage Sheets!

I was so excited I nearly skipped to the bus stop swinging the bag with the sheets in!  They're in the wash as I type. What this means is if the UK and Ireland Vintage Sheet Swap does have a round two I'll have something to contribute!!

If my day hadn't been fortuitous enough already I popped into Peacocks and spotted a two pack of fingerless gloves for £3.50 and no covered thumbs in this pack. I've only been looking for some traditional fingerless gloves for about 5 years. Ideal for cold days in the office when I can hardly type because my hands are so cold. I  didn't expect to get one pair that cheaply let alone two!

Lunch was Sushi from Waitrose. 


Now I fancy something sweet so I'm off to make cookies. I LOVE days like this!


  1. the charity shops around Oxford are brilliant, and we have just finished 8 years of travelling to and fro visiting our student "children". And in all that time I never realised I should be looking for vintage sheets. Now I know that, of course my opportunities are lessening! Hope the chief is better soon.

  2. What great sheets!!! I never find any. I hope Chief's on the mend and your cookies were good!

  3. Good 'lemons to lemonade' day I reckon!

  4. So glad you had such a good day in spite of the beginning. Hope you mom is ok !

  5. love that blue sheet - really pretty!

  6. you DID have a good one x when I was groing up one of my fav (ever) books was ..The Nuns Story .. there is a part where good days .. like yours .. were described as .. RUNNING ON WHEELS xx I think yours was definatly one of those xx hope you and chief get to meet up soon x

  7. Eurgh, I used to work in an office that was that cold in the winter-it's miserable' so I'm glad you have found a solution


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