Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ne na ne na blue?

I've had a bag request of sorts. It's waiting on the requester sending me something in particular in the fabric department and until that arrives I can't get started. I will have to add some fabric to it and so asked a few questions about what the recipient likes. Colours/designs etc. It's hard making something specific for someone you've never met and may never meet, with little to go on.  Especially knowing the item will be a special gift. On the one hand the lack of specific requests means it's quite liberating. Nobody is saying the bag has to be this style or have certain features. One of the things the person did say was that the recipients favourite colour was: ne na ne na blue.  I said what you mean the kind of blue on flashing emergency vehicles? They said yes. And I immediately thought of Mirror Ball Dots. Only I didn't have any and had never seen any in person. I had to hope that they looked in real life how they look on my monitor. (Unlikely - I've had trouble photographing them!) I had to also hope that the kona I ordered to go with them and the sew-all thread matched or at least co-ordinated well.

Mirror dots and Kona

The photograph is not great; I think this is as close to ne na ne na blue I'm going to find? Or as Chief would say: It's close enough for government work. 


  1. I was telling my boss last week that he'd missed all the excitement on his day off the day before because the fire alarm had gone off first thing in the morning just before a really important teleconference that I was chairing. I said, 'We had nee-nars and everything' and he just couldn't stop laughing. I figured with a 2-year-old son he'd know what a nee-nar was ;o)

  2. I think that should be perfect, for Nee naw blue!

    Look forward to seeing a result!

  3. Ha ha ha - I was sewing with mine last night - they have an odd texture - when quilting they spots are a bit sticky!

    As for Government work - what could he be implying!?

  4. Took reading this to understand what ne na ne na blue was!!!


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