Friday, 4 October 2013

Oh the excitement

I am nearly bursting with excitement. First off Wednesday when I was feeling completely blurgh a fabric order arrived from Pink Castle. Yep, a flat rate envelope bulging with fabric goodness.

Don't you just love a stack of new fabric?

I think a closer look is in order.  These are the half yards. I sometimes wish they did Fat Quarter cuts. But at least with half yards these could end up as bags.


Then I got some 'yardage'


Some Essex linen because I can't get enough of it. Either for bags or cushions.  I already had a yard of those yummy Heather Ross Strawberries. Now with another yard I have enough for some PJ shorts! The birdies are destined for shorts or some dress making of some sort, as I bought a couple of yards of that.

If you remember last time I placed an order with Pink Castle I bought some Velveteen. Some of which I wasn't that keen on and some that was destined for a snuggly infinity scarf. Now the velveteen is predominantly a light pink colour with hints of other colours. I have been looking for some voile to companion it in the scarf. I haven't been able to track down the right colour voile and then I saw this. I can't remember the brand of voile, but it's not like the AMH voiles I'm used too. This has a different weave. And er I'm not sure I like the feel of it at all.


The voile incident brings me on to something else I'm super excited about. Someone told me on Facebook last night I have a LQS. Yes, that's Local Quilt Store. A proper bricks and mortar store. It's only been open since June but I'd not been to that particular town. I feel a recce trip coming on. It will be so much fun to see fabric in person and not have to second guess it from a little picture on my laptop! Of course the trip will be purely so I can report back to you all, in case anyone else is in the area. Not to see and stroke fabric in person. And certainly not for fabric shopping or anything. Honest. 


  1. Lovely fabric. Nicky had some of the Toucan fabric in Lynne's precision piecing class-it's fab

  2. Lovely fabric choices! And check you, selflessly detailing the new shop. So helpful to others! *g*

  3. I'm starting to think I should just buy a bolt of the Essex yarn dyed black because I use it in everything! Gad you had a better day :-)

  4. Gorgeous fabric. I have stopped ordering from the states though as every time I do I get charged import taxes and handling charges.

  5. I made a skirt from the sparrow print in the same range as the Toucans. I love Mixteca so much I daren't use my pile of it! Except the skirt of course, but I ordered extra yardage for that.

  6. Oooh did you get to your local yet??

  7. An lqs of your very own. Woohoo! But nice fabric haul from further afield!


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